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Happy Wednesday. I can't believe that it is already Thanksgiving Eve here. Kids are off school today and things are already crazy in my house. (it has taken me half the day to write and get this post published with lots of interruptions) Our Elf on the Shelf, GusGus made his appearance today. We are also trying a new tradition tomorrow to eliminate the craziness of running around for the holidays, so I have to clean the house. 
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What We Are Eating This Week:

I have to admit I really haven't gone full on Grocery shopping and I haven't made a menu this week. I am really winging it with everything. We have so many leftovers and other food in this house we can eat. I did make the Perfect Shredded Chicken (just didn't add any bbq sauce) yesterday and we had tacos with it. The leftovers we will use for sandwiches. We don't have to bring anything to Thanksgiving dinner. We are however hosting breakfast at our house tomorrow with biscuits and sausage gravy. This weekend I will probably make a new soup.

What I am Reminiscing About:

Fall is officially gone and boy did we have a lot of fun. Winter is here. We had our first snow the other day and had some flurries today (it didn't stick today). We accomplished most of our Fall Bucket List and starting coming up with our Winter and Christmas Bucket Lists. ( I will be sharing those in the next few weeks.) 

What I'm Loving:

These two and their love for each other. Austin walks around the house calling for Sissy and always wants to play with her. 

What We've Been Up To:

Everywhere is starting to get decorated for Christmas. We went and saw Santa, and played in some fake snow last week. Plus a date night, and busy Christmas Shopping. You can read about it more HERE

What I'm Dreading:

Right this minute, nothing. I'm not looking forward to Holiday traffic. We live 5 minutes from a local mall and it can get crazy.

What I'm Working On:

Not only the Holiday Hustle, end of the year fun, but we really need to decide on an adult vacation and family vacation for next year. Any suggestions?

What I'm Excited About:

Christmas and the Joy of the Holiday Season

What I'm Watching:

If I am watching TV it is the Hallmark Channel and Christmas movies. 

What I'm Reading:

Check back next Thursday as I link up with Grace and Love for Carpool Book Club.
To see what I have read the previous months click HERE

What I'm Listening To:

Christmas music either on Pandora, Sirius Radio, or our local 102.1 has started Christmas music 24/7.

What I am Doing This Weekend:

Nothing. Ella will be with her father, Brian will probably be working. Austin and I get to be lazy watch Christmas movies and cuddle. Maybe I should start potty training that I said I was going to start in September.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month:

Everything Christmas related. Our daily adventures with our Elf on the Shelf, our nightly books for the 25 Books of Christmas, driving around looking at Christmas decorations....

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