Freeze Weekend Fun

Happy Monday. Ella is finally back at school. After having off 2 weeks for winter break, she went back last Wednesday for one day, then had off Thursday and Friday as "freeze days". I am very surprised she had school today because overnight we had freezing rain so everything is a sheet of ice, plus snow on top of that. There are only three school districts (one being ours) in our area that had school today. 
I have had a lot of people ask what a freeze day is. Our schools give off a day if the wind chill is so below zero and there is a health risk for kids who walk to school or have to stand outside for the bus. This has only been around for maybe the last 5 years or so, we didn't have this when I was in school. (which was only 15 years ago, I feel old)
Since we had an extended break we decided to enjoy ourselves, have fun, and stay inside and warm.

Thursday Ella slept in. When she woke up and remember there was no school she was excited and disappointed. I go in her room a little bit after breakfast and she is doing school work. This girl loves to learn. 

The kids have found a new play spot, and a great hiding spot. 

Ella's bookshelf with a toy box at the bottom has brought them a bunch of fun. 

Both kids will be in there (together or separately) with their kindles playing games and being oh so cute. (Side note they can't get locked in there and go in and out at their free will)

What better way to stay warm on a freezing cold day than with homemade hot chocolate. It was so delicious, but so unhealthy. I want to try a healthier version next. 

Austin decided he was having too much fun playing that he was refusing to nap, and boy did he need one. He finally climbed on me and fell asleep. I miss him wanting cuddles. 

Thursday we started back up doing gymnastics one day a week. 

Friday the kids played in our basement for a little bit while I was doing laundry. They don't go down there by themselves very often anymore. It is cold and dark. One day we will re-do it (hopefully one day soon)

Ella- "mommy we are just like you, working on getting strong muscles"

I told you this girl loves to learn and play school. She was the teacher and telling me all about fish, then I had to find them on the page. 

Austin felt left out. I got up for two seconds and turn around and he stole my seat. 

Austin is obsessed with drinking out of these plastic Chip cups that we got in Disney World. Now only if he wouldn't make a mess all the time with them. 

Ella used her new water color paints when Austin took a nap. She was making a video on her kindle using the train to hold it up, while she painted. (these videos never make it online)

Friday night Brian decided to try a new to us pizza place. Sweet Basil in Westlake. OMG this pizza was huge and delicious. We got half cheese and half pepperoni and banana peppers with fresh basil. This maybe my new favorite pizza ever. If you are local you should try them out.

Saturday Ella and I had a mother/daughter date. We did a little shopping, got books at the library, had lunch at Panera Bread, and ended at Walmart using her gift card she got for Christmas that was burning a hole in her pocket. 

With her money she bought a JoJo make your own bow kit. She made all the bows and has been wearing this one since then. 

Saturday evening I cleaned out the fridge, freezer, and pantry. I tossed anything expired, old, or we wouldn't eat. Three garbage bags later all the junk is out of our house. 

Sunday morning I made my menu and grocery list for the day. As soon as the grocery store was open, I got my shopping done. Came home, put everything away, and cleaned, re-packaged, and cut up all my fruits and veggies. Everything is ready for the week. As you can see we got lots of greens. (oreo's are for Austin)

Sunday we surprised Ella with tickets to see Disney on Ice. Check back tomorrow for my review on the show.

Hope you had a fun weekend and stayed warm. 
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