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Happy Friday!!! Aubriella only had school one day this week. I was hoping to start adapting to a new schedule that I want to try out. But this freezing weather and an excuse to sleep in has taken over my plan to wake up early and get things done. I really need to find the motivation to get my butt in gear and work towards being intentional in my daily life. Next week no more excuses. 

Even though Christmas is over I am sharing a few of our favorite gifts that we received this holiday season. I am joining in with ErikaNarci, and Andrea for their weekly Friday Favorites link-up.

Here are some of Ella's favorites:

Ella has been asking for at least a year for her own real microphone. This year Santa brought her a trolls one. 

It has brought her hours of fun and singing. It has also been taken away a few times already. She has tried to use it to yell "Mom" or "Dad" when she is lazy and didn't want to get up.

Austin also enjoys playing with the microphone. He turns it all the way up and screams/talks into it. It is cute but at the same time gets annoying real quick.

Ella loves her hatchimal. She couldn't wait to open it and watch her egg hatch.

She named her dragon/owl Sally. So far she has played with her everyday.

Ella's favorite game that she got for Christmas was Mouse Trap. I use to love this game as a kid also. 

Here are some of Austin's favorite Christmas presents:

Austin received 3 different construction type Duplo Lego sets. To say he likes them is an understatement.

He will sit and play by himself for hours with them. Incase you don't know a Duplo is the middle size lego. Regular legos are for ages 4 and up Duplo's are ages 2-5 and Mega blocks are 1-3. (we have them all)

Austin's big toy, meaning takes up the most space, is the Thomas Super Station. Brian put it together in the living room and it took him a good hour and a half. He played with it for the 2 days it was in the living room non-stop.

I needed my living room back so I rearranged Austin's bedroom, got rid of some toys and made room for it in there. As you can see he likes to play with all his toys at once. 

Just a few things I got for Christmas:

Austin had broke my expensive Food waffle/griddle/grill press somehow. I didn't use it that often but missed being able to make waffles. I got a Minnie Mouse waffle maker (which I asked for). I also got a french press coffee maker which makes the best coffee ever. On my right hand I got a new ring that has middle Mickey's. (yes I kinda have an obsession) 

Have a great weekend and stay warm!!!

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  1. Oh I used to love playing Mouse Trap; it was a favorite with my boys too.


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