Happy New Year (with kids)

Happy New Year!!! I can't believe 2018 is already here. 2017 sure did fly by with lots of fun, great memories, life changes, some cries, and a lot of laughs. Overall it was a great year. I am excited to welcome 2018. 

We brought in the new year at home as a family. Too many family members and friends have been sick and we are trying to stay healthy this year, at least as much as possible. I personally had no desire to go out in the cold, to drink, and to be out on the roads with possible drunks. Plus it was our year to have Aubriella for New Years Eve. Family night was what we all needed.

New Years Eve Day started off with Brian and Ella going to the store to buy "junk" as Ella's called it for our New Year Eve snacks. They also brought home donuts for breakfast. Austin enjoyed his chocolate frosted donut so much that he was saving some for later. For the most part we had a lazy day playing with new toys, cleaning some of the house, and relaxing. 

My girlfriend Lyndsey over at Momma Fit Lyndsey shared this cute "Year Review for Kiddos" in her Intentional 2018 community. She posted a really cute printable, but we don't have ink for our printer so I made my own version.

I will be putting this in Ella's yearly folder and will do a new one each year. I love to see what she is enjoying and what she wants to do. Some of this took reminding her what we did last year. 

We spent part of our evening playing this new board game that Brian got for his birthday from Ella. Disney Beat the Parents. Only Brian and Ella played, I helped Ella since she couldn't read everything. It was a fun game and Ella won. 

Brian made a bunch of junk food in our new air fryer. We had onion rings, homemade fries, homemade pickles, mozzarella sticks, hot dogs in crescents rolls (theses were baked), and wings. Being the end of the year and we are going back to eating fresh, homemade, wholesome food, this was like the last bang. We love the new air fryer. Even though the food was junk food it was healthier than being deep fried.

New Year Eve wouldn't be complete without fun hats and blow horns. The kids were given the horns a few minutes before midnight and they magically disappeared by morning. 

Our tradition is to live stream Disney's New Year Eve celebration instead of watching the typical Time Square New Year Eve. We hook up the laptop to our tv (we just need to get a smart tv) and watch the fun for the 20 minutes it is aired. 

Hope you had a fun and safe New Year Eve!!!

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