Tuesday Talk- 16 on the 16

Hey guys. Happy Tuesday. Since the kids had off school yesterday for MLK, we had a play date. It was an exhausting day for so many reasons. Today we are getting back to normal even though we had a rough start for my kids this morning. I am having a positive outlook and hoping the day is great.
It is the third Tuesday of the month which can only mean Tuesday Talk with Ashley and Erika. Each month they do a fun little link-up where you are supposed to chat about anything and everything. I am starting a new series I am going to do each month on the 16 where I share 16 random facts about me. 

I love snow, but hate cold. It is beautiful but you won't normally find me outside in it. 

When I was a teenager I was actively pursuing a singing career as well as writing my own songs. 

I have one older sister, Sarah. I have a few very close girlfriends who I also consider to be my sister.

I learned to drive on the drag strip. I have a faster reaction time than your average drag racer. 

I would rather do laundry any day over dishes.

I am only 5'1''

I was the evening operations manager at a large chain hotel for a year and a half. I hated it and really realized family is more important than any amount of money.

I prefer to listen to podcasts in the car over music. But I can't listen to "talk or sports radio"

The only sport I ever played was t-ball one year.

Working out/exercise used to be torture and linked to painful memories. I have learned to enjoy working out now and see it as my "ME" time. 

My favorite number is 21

I gave up pop/soda when I was 14. I only drink it on very rare occasions. 

Camping is one of my favorite childhood memories. We use to go camping at least once a month.

I have always loved Mandy Moore.

I knew Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp before they were famous, but we lost contact over the years.

Brian and I met while both working at Dunkin Donuts. He was my manager. 

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