10 on the 10- Memories with Brian

Happy Valentines Day Week, Brian and I actually got out of the house for a little bit on Saturday night for a dinner date kid-less to celebrate Valentine's Day. We have had a rough last few days medically, but more on that in another post. Today is I am joining a new link party with Erin from Perfectly Port Family for 10 on the 10th link-up.

Today's topic is 10 Memories with Your Spouse. Brian may not legally be my spouse but to me and our families, he is. A piece of paper doesn't define our relationship. We have been together for about 5 years. Living together for almost 3. 

I love taking a look back at fun exciting things we have done since we have been together. How times have changed since having kids.

1- Brian and I met while working at Dunkin Donuts. The first few summers we went and saw a bunch of country concerts. This was before being homeowners and having two kids. 

2- Our first vacation together as a family of 3. We drove 12 hours for a quick 4 day trip to Virginia Beach. It was the longest car ride ever (I did 90% of the driving) and the felt like the shortest trip. We had so much fun and Ella loved seeing the ocean for the first time.

3- A lot of my memories include some sort of sporting event. While we worked at Dunkin Donuts we went to a lot of the Lake Erie Crushers baseball games (semi-pro). We took Ella to get first Lake Erie Monster's Hockey game and Cleveland Indians baseball game. The two of us have also went to a few Cav's game, more Indians and Monsters game too. 

4- Brian surprised me with a trip to Disney World for my birthday one year. (My birthday is in June, we went in September). It was his first time, and my 1st time since I was 2. I am now hooked and always want to go back.

5- Instead of having a birthday party for Ella turning 5 we took her to Disney World and stayed at the Polynesian. (Isn't he the best step-dad) The whole vacation was planned around what Ella wanted to do.

6- This is my favorite picture of Brian. He is holding Austin while he was in the NICU. It was not a fun experience but was a great bonding and growing experience for our relationship. He was my rock when I just wanted to break down and was with me every step of the way.

7- From the guy who use to not really like his picture taken has come to accept all the pictures. He also has agreed to family pictures every year.

8- Our first Holiday as a family of 4. I love that Brian try's to make every holiday special for myself and the kids. 

9- This past summer Brian planned a trip, which was a surprise for Ella to take us to the Columbus Zoo. We enjoy going to the zoo a lot. 

10- Our dates have changed over the years. From being fun nights at country concerts, a few hours of just relaxing watching TV, sporting events, to family dates, and now to planned date nights. 

Every relationship has a highlight real. Each one unique. This man makes me happy, gets me excited, shares in my laughs and tears, takes care of me, is an amazing father, and a step-dad like no other. There will be many more years and memories to come. 

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  1. We like going to the zoo too and we haven't been in awhile! Also love going to baseball games and Disney World is a fave - more for me than my husband, but he does it for us!

  2. Awe I love all these sweet memories, how sweet those Disney trips are and that photo of him holding your little one after they were born - precious :) Thanks for linking up! xoxo ERIN


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