Air Fried Potato Wedges

Our family loves using our Air Fryer we got for Christmas. I am loving having a healthy alternative to using a deep fryer (which we barely ever did.) We use it a couple of times a week.

Air Fried Potato Wedges

4 medium-large russet potatoes
1 Tbsp EVOO
salt to taste

1- Wash potatoes. Cut in half, half again, and half again until you get 8 wedges from each potato.
2- Place in a medium bowl, add EVOO and stir until wedges are evenly coated.
3- Place in air fryer basket. Preheat on 400 degrees, cook for 18-20 minutes shaking halfway through. 
4- Remove from fryer, add salt as desired
5- Serve.
6- Enjoy!!!

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