Progress in a Week- Week 6

Happy Sunday. Another week in the books. I'm feeling very discouraged but I have no one to blame but myself. Lets take a look at the last week and I will explain why I am discouraged and what I am doing this week to kick it up a notch.

Monday (2-19-18)

Ella had off school and a back handspring clinic during the day plus my mom came over to watch Austin. I knew it was going to be a busy day. Got up at 5am and got my workout done early.

Tuesday (2-20-18)

The sun was shining the weather started in the mid 60's but ended in the 70's. Walked Ella to and from school, 2 miles round trips for me plus got my cardio workout it. Stayed on track with my nutrition. All around awesome day.

Wednesday (2-21-18)

Total Body Core my least favorite workout. Got it done anyways. I didn't push myself as hard as I could though.

Thursday (2-22-18)

Leg Day. I upped my weights from 20 to 40, I need better weights to do what I really want/need to do but I am making due with what I have.

Friday (2-23-18)

I kept putting off my workout, I have been fighting a cold or some sort. I ended up taking Friday as my rest day. 

Saturday (2-24-18)

Girls Day Date meant McAlisters club for lunch with soup, then popcorn at the movies. I did come home and get my workout done even thought I didn't want to. Horribly off track with nutrition

Sunday (2-25-18)

Again not a great day. Started off with family protein waffles with homemade blueberry syrup/jam. Lunch I had Arby's and felt horrible afterwords. Will I ever learn I don't get along with certain foods? I have my workout planned for sometime tonight and my weekly self-care, but Brian is destroying my basement aka replacing light fixtures. Hopefully he finishes or I will be working out in the living room.

Some Food From Last Week

Turkey meatballs with sauteed zuccini in coconut oil with crush tomatoes on top

Wednesday was Refeed Day and Dine to Donate for Ella's school. I got a little cheeseburger from 5 Guys with lots of veggies. Tasted delicious, but felt like crap after eating it.

Slow cooker chicken with peppers and onions over quinoa

Week 7 Dinner Menu:

Monday- Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken with brown rice and Air Fryer Brussel Sprouts
Tuesday- Buffalo Chicken Taco's with corn tortillas ad green beans
Wednesday- Turkey Burger Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette, and Sweet Potato Fries
Thursday- One Pan Turkey Sausage, Sweet Potatoes, and Broccoli
Friday- Pizza Hut Pizza and Salad
Saturday- Leftovers
Sunday- Shrimp Egg Roll in a Bowl with extra veggies and rice


The weight on the scale hasn't gone lower, and my inches haven't changed since two weeks ago. I have however been upping my weights in my workouts. I must admit I haven't been pushing myself with my workouts enough, I haven't been consistent with the time I workout, my nutrition has been slacking, and my water intake hasn't been the greatest. 
This week I am refocusing:
- 5am wake-up with 6am workouts
- at least 70 oz water a day
- stick to my nutrition plan
- drink my pre and post workouts
- push myself

Anyone want to be my accountability partner?

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