Spring Was in The Air

This past Tuesday in Northern Ohio was gorgeous. The high was in the lower 70's, sun was shining, and it only rained a little. We enjoyed it the best we could, or at least as much as the kids wanted to. Now just two days later we have snow in the forecast for today and a high in the upper 30's. Welcome to Ohio where in a blink of a eye the weather can change so dramatically. 

Yes this pretty much sums it all up. You would think after living here all my life, and knowing it is only February that I know what spring won't be here until April. I know I just get so antsy and tired of dark, gloomy, freezing cold days. I am ready for sunshine, fresh air, green grass, birds chirping, and lots of running around outside that lasts more than one day.

One of the many reasons I love spring and warmer weather is because it gives us the option to walk to and from school each day. One way is only a 1/2 mile. I can load Austin the stroller and go. 

Ella can walk either wearing her book bag or she puts it under the stroller. Fresh air and getting some energy out is always a plus. 

A sign of spring is all the flooded yards with lots mud. Between rain and snow melting our Springs always seem to be muddy. 

A sure sign spring is coming soon is the flowers starting to peak their stems out of the ground.

I swear our roads are horrible after winter, putting salt on the roads, and plows tearing the roads up. Pot hole city is like playing frogger and jumping from lily pad to lily pad trying to miss pot holes and not destroy your car. 

Austin may have not wanted to play outside, he also kept closing the windows and doors in the house. We did however go for a drive with the moon roof open and the windows down. He liked the wind blowing in his hair.

I can't wait for Spring to officially be here. It also means closer to my kid-less vacation, Spring Break, and Summer. Who else is excited for Spring?

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