Adults Only Vacation

Brian and I went on an ADULTS ONLY vacation a few weeks ago. I know this is something completely unheard of to many people. Some people don't agree with it, other people sent us off with love, and others are "jealous" we had the opportunity to take this time away. Before I really get into the details of our vacation I want to explain why we take the time for ourselves. 

Every year Brian and I try to escape for a little bit without the kids. Weather it be for just a night, a few days, or a week. I'm sure you have heard the reason behind "date your spouse" we see this along the same lines. It is great for our sanity and relationship. 

- Yes we went to Disney World without our kids. Do they know, Yes they found out when we came back. They also know we will be taking them to Disney in the future and have lots of fun getaways, and vacations planned for this summer.

- Why Disney? I love Disney and Mickey and Minnie just as much as my kids, if not more. There is so much to do there that my kids are still too young/small to really enjoy. 

- We are blessed and so thankful for the amazing family that we have. This time my mom came and stayed at my house for the 4 days we were gone. She watched Austin the whole time, and had Ella for part of it. She picked up Ella from school and was prepared to take her to school and do everything that goes along with that, but Ella ended up sick and running a fever. My mom had to take care of my sick princess while I was away. Knowing my kids were in good hands and I was still reachable by call, text, and facetime. We were able to leave some worries behind. 

- Brian is a self employed realtor. He was able to tie up lose ends before we left, and was able to get the little work he had to do while we were away done with the use of his laptop and wifi. His clients were also aware he was away and he had back-up help if needed. 

- Getting away kid free means we are on our own time. We didn't have to stop for nap time or temper tantrums, no need to carry a purse, push a stroller or go through bag check. We walked our own pace and did a lot of walking (over 30,000 steps every day). If we would have had the kids with us this wouldn't have been possible.

- We deserve some "Me Time"

- Sleep, OMG can I just tell you I had the best 3 nights of sleep ever. Someone wasn't kicking me in the face or having a listening ear to see if someone wakes up in the middle of the night.

- At Disney we rode all the rides we wanted to ride, especially the rides my kids are too little to ride. Now next time we go with the kids I won't feel like I am missing out because I never got to ride Rockn' Roller Coaster.

- Since being home we have spent more quality time together now that I am more relaxed and feel less stressed. 

- Brian and I also got to spend much needed uninterrupted time alone together.

Benefits For Our Kids:
Getting away isn't just good for us, but it is also good for our kids. 

- Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I know your probably like "WHAT" Yes it is true sometimes you both need that break for your love to grow.

- Trust, it shows you trust your kids enough that they are going to behave and make the right decisions while you are away and they are under someone else's care. 

- Kids got a sleepover with their Memaw with lots of play time and not always following our normal every day routines.

- Since we have been home for whatever reason both kids have been really well behaved. No attitude problems. (maybe this is a benefit for me and not them)

Adult Only Vacations are not for everyone. They work very well for our family. Do you take Adult Only Vacations? If yes leave a comment on your favorite place to go.

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  1. We went to Disney on our own once, for the 1/2 marathon. It was great. I'd do it again, minus the marathon, lol! I love Disney!


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