Easter Day Wrap Up

Easter may turn into my favorite holiday. We had a somewhat relaxing day at home with all our family. I decided I wasn't going to do the hectic shuffle of going to everyone's house for Easter, so instead they all came to us. I did spend all day Saturday stressing, cooking, and cleaning, but well worth it. Next year I would do more of a potluck style instead of Brian and I making everything. 

The morning started off with the Easter Bunny leaving eggs on our carpet in the living room. It was a little to chilly to do them outside and the bunny was rushed to get them done before the kids woke up so there weren't any eggs hidden. 
Austin woke up first, came out in the living room, and crawled up next to Brian like any other morning. It took a few minutes for him to realize there were eggs all over the floor. We told him he had to wait until sissy got up. He went into her room and gave her kisses and yelled "Ella Sissy wake up" until she finally got up.

They each took their basket and collected eggs. The only rule was they only got 2 of the bigger eggs. All the little eggs had Hershey kisses in them so their wasn't a fight. The big eggs had stretchy bunnies in them.

I am so proud and happy they shared and got around the same number of eggs. 

After the egg hunt Ella noticed the baskets on the dining room table. The kids got their own rain boots, umbrella's, bat and baseball, and a bunch of odds and ends. To share they got side walk chalk. The basket in the middle is the candle that the whole family gets to share. 
I grew up getting 90% candy, since my kids don't need/eat a lot of candy we do more realistic stuff they will use. Like Ella got a JoJo bow that she was so excited about. 

We hosted brunch for 10 people, my in laws. I did a lot of baking and used/loved my kitchen aid mixer. I know the recipes would have never turned out so awesome without it. I will be posting recipes for everything I made later this month. 
Blueberry glazed cake donuts and pineapple fluff

Chocolate chip Banana Bread with butter or cream cheese to top with

Thick and thin cut bacon and Sausage Egg and Cheese Casserole 

Everyone said everything turned out delicious and everything was done on time. There was quite a bit of sweets, next time we need something else that isn't so sugar. 

By noon everyone had gone home. We had some time to relax, play with new toys, and watch TV before we had to start getting ready for round two of dinner with my family. There would only be 7 of us, 3 being kids and it would be a lot less stressful, or so I thought. 

Here is our dinner menu. I thought I was doing really good with taking pictures of everything than I realized I missed half our dinner menu.
Prime Rib
Easter Bunny Butt Rolls
Garlic Parm Green Beans
Cheesy Potatoes
Pasta Egg Salad
Deviled Eggs
Mac and Cheese (for the kids)

Dinner was planned for 5pm, but didn't happen until closer to 6pm. This was our first time ever making Prime Rib. It took a lot longer than expected but still was delicious. I wasn't a huge fan of the cheesy potatoes that I made in the crock pot, but everyone else said they were really good. My devil eggs didn't look pretty but tasted delicious, I don't have patience to peel eggs. Overall dinner turned out really well.

For dessert I made carrot cake. It was the first time I have ever made or really had carrot cake. It turned out really cook. My kids liked it. (My niece is a very picky eater, hence why we had to make mac and cheese)

Overall it was a great Easter. I don't regret not running and doing the hectic house hop. Next year will be different since I don't get Ella for Easter she will be at her fathers. I think I will keep the tradition of housing though.

Hope you and your family also had a wonderful Easter weekend. 

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