Friday Favorites

Happy Friday. The weekend is finally here. To say I need a break is an understatement. This past week for whatever reasons my kids are been hyper and not listening. I need a girls night. Who wants to hang out? 

Linking up for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea. I am sharing some random favorites from the past week with an abundance of Austin being cute. (to bad you cant see him attitude and temper tantrums)

~ ONE ~

Someone wanted to be just like his big sister. While she was putting on her pads he came over and put her roller skates on and said "Let's Go".

She is ready to roll. She may not "skate" but she does walk very well in them.

~ TWO ~

He is on a mission. Big boy with helmet on and ready to ride.


Garbage day is the most exciting day of the week for this little man.

~ FOUR ~

I became that mom who grabbed the multi-kid card from Target. This avoided a temper tantrum, I got my shopping done, and he was good. (There were a bunch of other multi kids cards still available and it was 9am on a weekday)

~ FIVE ~

Why are all the cool carts always that hardest to steer and the ones that kids want.

~ SIX ~

Big sister wanting to push her brother to school on the only really nice day we had this week.


Playground fun while Aubriella is inside doing gymnastics and Austin doesn't want to sit and watch.


Just being cute laying in bed with Tigger and Pooh. 

Hope you had a great week and a fabulous weekend

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  1. I hate pushing those huge carts! My kids all walk now, but I'm still always telling them to stop hanging on the carts, or standing right in front of them, etc!


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