A Fun Filled Weekend and TBB Asks

Happy Monday. Spring seems to be sticking around. We had a great weekend with gorgeous weather with lots of outdoor fun. 

Friday was May 4th, for all your Star Wars Geeks- May the 4th be with you. I have to admit I haven't watched the Star Wars movies. (Don't shoot me) I will watch them before Star Wars Land opens at Disney World that is my goal. On Friday they have a maration of some of the movies. We turned it on while the kids were getting ready for the morning and they actually watched some of it. Austin even has a Star Wars shirt. 

Austin loves to be outside. As soon as he wakes up he starts pointing outside to go play. I usually make him wait a little bit. On Friday we did go outside right after taking Ella to school. His favorite toy right now is our sandbox. I can see this never ending fight with sand in my house all summer. 

Friday evening we were supposed to go get our nails done with some girlfriends. Ella decided to get an attitude because we were not getting pedicures also and decided she didn't want to go. Fine it saves me money. Instead we went shoe shopping. We were looking for some sandals for Ella and tennis shoes for Austin. We ended up finding Ella a cute pair of sandals from Target and didn't find anything for Austin.

Saturday morning I was up before everyone. Relaxing with my hot water with lemon and catching up on e-mails. Then I somehow got a parrot.

Saturday was another gorgeous day. We were outside playing by 9:30. I finally started "Girl Wash Your Face" by Rachel Hollis. I have heard nothing but good things about the book. I am a few chapters in and really enjoying it. Rachel tells the truth about life that most people never talk about. 

When we are not in the backyard we are in the front yard. My kids love riding their bikes. Austin is still learning on pedaling (he goes really slow) so I push him on his tricycle when we go on our walks. 

Austin still takes naps and has been saying "Done" when he is ready to go in and lay down. Saturday we all came inside to relax, hydrate, and nap. I turned on Shrek for them to watch, even though they told me NO they both stood, then sat and watched it. 

Before naptime we got a delivery. Both kids were so excited to see a dump truck in our front yard (us not so much with the ruts he left in the yard because the driver didn't listen to what we wanted him to do)

We got 5 yards of dirt and 3 yards of mulch. Let the yard work begin. Brian actually got all the dirt placed by Sunday evening. 

Saturday evening Ella had a Girl Scout event. I wouldn't be a hair dresser mom if I didnt curl her hair and make her look fancy. She loved it. She had a lot of fun at her event.

After her event Ella came home and changed then headed to her Grandma's for Ella's first fire of the year. She is a camping girl at heart.

Sunday morning was just the kids and me. I fought off my fear and anxiety and took both of them grocery shopping with me into two stores. The shopping needed to be done, Brian was working all day and I had no other option but to go with them. I was so happy how good they were. They both listened, sat in the cart, didn't ask for 5 million things, they didn't destroy anything, no temper tantrums, and no one tried to take them. I don't take about my fears, anxiety/stress about taking my kids shopping or out in public very often.
After shopping we came home, Austin helped me put away groceries, we had lunch, then it was outside to play. We came in around 230 for rest, hydrate and nap time. Brian got home around 4, we were back outside at 430 having more fun, like blowing and popping bubbles, more bike riding, and playing with our neighbor. 

By 630 the clouds started rolling in. The weather had changed and a small storm was on the way. Brian finished up all his yard work, and got the mulch covered. The kids and I cleaned up all the toys and came in the house to make dinner (which was very late than our normal 5pm dinner.) It rained for about 15 minutes that was it. 

We ended our night with baths, then dessert. I made a strawberry and blueberry crisp. Ella loved it. She asked for seconds. Before we knew it, it was 8pm and time for bedtime stories and bed. 
We had such a nice fun and relaxing weekend. This week I am crazy busy every night except today. I am looking forward to summer with lots of fun, sun, relaxing, and family time. Only 22 more days of school.

It is time for another TBB Asks- May edition. I finally am posting on the right day. This months topic is ENTERTAINMENT.

1- Comedy or Drama? I enjoy both. It depends on my mood. If I am with good company usually a comedy, but I love Hallmark drama's 

2- Fiction or Non-Fiction? Both again. I love a dreaming and wishing while reading. I am big into personal development with real life scenarios.

3- Movies in Theater or At Home? I probably only go to the movies once or twice a year. It is so expensive. I am big with pressing pause and going back to watching the rest later.

4- Musical or Play? I have always loved Musicals.

5- Which meal of the day is your favorite to eat out? Dinner

6- Favorite Book Ever Read? I love so many I don't think I have a favorite. 

7- Game Night: Yes or No? Yes please. We do one with our kids pretty often. I would love to have an adults game night again, it has been a while.

8- Favorite Outside Game to Play? I am not a big sports player but I love being outside with my kids. 

9- Favorite TV series Ever? Gilmore Girls, Full House

10- Sitcoms Growing Up or Sitcoms of Today? Sitcoms Growing Up for sure who didn't love TGIF

11- Miniature Golf or Bowling? Miniature Golf

12- Favorite Movie Theater Candy? We don't normally buy candy for the theater but I use to love snow caps and my weakness is Peanut M&M's 

13- How do you like your popcorn? extra butter please 

14- 3D movies with glasses: Yes or No? I love rides at Disney that use 3D glasses but I can't do a whole movie. It gives me a headache. 

15- Favorite Genre of Books to read? Romance and recently have started getting into mysteries. 

Hope you had a great weekend. Also linking up with Lindsay for Hello Monday!!!

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  1. The strawberry & blueberry crisp looks so yummy! We love that too.

    So many of us have said the 3D movies give us a headache. I wonder how many people actually love them... :)

  2. I said the same thing about Disney and 3D glasses!

  3. I can't wait for Girl Wash Your Face! I'm currently on the wait list at my library. Also, if you run out of time to watch all the Star Wars Movies (like I did) I watched these youtube videos called Star Wars in five minutes, so helpful! Lol Your favorite shows are also two of my favorite shows!


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