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This months topic is A Day In the Life. I love snooping into other peoples lives. I love seeing how other families live day to day, what works for other people, how normal I really am, etc.... I get great ideas of things to try in my own family by reading other bloggers day in the life posts. 
I have been wanting/planning a day in the life post forever but never got around to doing it. This was the push I needed to remember to take photos throughout my day and document our day. (even though I kinda failed on some photos)
I am still trying to get back into the swing of things since coming home from Disney, and finding a routine that really works for us. Yes I do realize I came home from Disney a month ago. I need to get back on a routine for my sanity. I know it will all change and go out the window again in 3 weeks when Ella is out of school for summer. 
I documented yesterday Wednesday May 16. It was not a typical Wednesday, we normally dont have anything planned, but this time we did.

6am - wake up for me. I head to the bathroom and start my morning routine. I wear contacts and hate glasses so that is always a first thing to do. I planned on a shower so I didn't wash my face or get dressed yet.

6:05am - I get myself a cup of hot water with lemon and sit down in my chair and read my devotionals on my phone. I try to not read any other messages or notifications. (doesn't always work out that way my girlfriends and father are up at this time as well). Next I read at least one chapter of some personal development. Currently I am reading Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis.

6:30am - Brian got up and I decided to hop in the shower and get ready for the day. Austin was still sleeping away in our bed. (He crawls in our bed in the middle of the night.)

6:45am - I logged on my laptop to answer some e-mails, make sure my blog posted, and replied to some messages. (I am trying to get in the habit of doing my blog posts the day before instead of in the morning, like today.)

7:18am- Off to get Ella. She was with her dad the night before. Our co-parenting agreement is she spends the night there the evenings he has her and I pick her up at 730am in the morning. This gives us time to come home, eat, and get ready for school. I always have my lemon water with me. ( I drink atleast 8 oz in the morning before coffee, this day I did 16oz)

7:40am - Picked up my princess and are heading back home.

8:00am - We are home. I turn Disney Princess music on Pandora and Brian makes breakfast for everyone and much needed coffee. The kids have waffles today and we have scrambled eggs with veggies and a slice of toast. My mom calls and Face Time the kids every morning while we eat. After breakfast I pack Ella's lunch. Today I treated her to a bagel with nutella and banana sandwich, applesauce pouch, gogurt, string cheese, oranges, and a Hershey kiss.

8:30am - Ella brushes her teeth with the Disney Magic Timer app on her phone. I brush hair hair. 

8:40am - Shoes, socks, book bag packed and we are out the door walking to school. Some mornings it is just her and I, other mornings we also have Austin in the stroller. Yesterday was just the two of us.

9:05am - I am home from walking Ella to school. It is a mile round trip. I threw dinner in the slow cooker. (pork tenderloin, potatoes, and carrots)

9:30 - Austin and I have about 6.5 hours to do whatever. We don't have any real schedule. It is a mix of play time, lunch, more playing, and him napping. We did a lot of play doh yesterday.

And colored some beautiful pictures. There are always cars, trains, and trucks someway involved too. He is all boy. When it is nice out we spend more of the time outside. Yesterday our neighbor was having concrete poured so we stayed inside and out of his way. 

This day I also got a workout done while Austin played. I streamed a workout video on the TV and did a dance workout for 30 minutes. Some days I workout before the kids wake up (not that often anymore), some days my walks to and from schools are my workout, some days I press play, and other days I do nothing. It all depends on my mood. I really need to get back into a better routine and being consistent. 

1:30pm - Nap time for little man. While he naps I get some things done around the house, dishes, sweeping, putting away toys. I sometimes catch up on tv shows or movies on the DVR. I also will sit down on the computer catch up on other blogs, work on future blog posts, go through emails, etc. I sometimes do this while he is playing by himself and wants nothing to do with me. 

3:00pm- Brian is home for the evening. He goes outside to start on some yard work and talk with our neighbor. 

3:20pm - My alarm goes off telling me to start getting ready to get Ella from school. When we drive to pick her up we have to leave at 3:30, when I walk I don't have to leave until 3:40. I know this sounds backwards. We have to get in the pick up line when driving early otherwise you sit there forever behind buses. Ella's school pick-up is crazy ridiculous, I prefer to walk. 
Austin woke up with my alarm

3:40pm - I leave to walk to go get Ella. Austin didn't want to go with me, he wanted to stay outside and play. 

4:05pm - We are back from school. Austin is still out back playing and cutting the grass.

Ella asked if she could go outside and play too. She doesn't have homework this year and we had some free time before dinner so yes. I went in the house and went through her book bag. I put her lunch container in the sink, and go through all the papers that she comes home with. Some I keep for myself, others I put aside for dad. If anything needs signed I do it right then and put it back in her folder. Afterwards I head outside and relax with a book while the kids plays and dinner is still cooking. 

5pm - Dinner time. We always sit at the table as a family and eat breakfast and dinner. (Brian just wasn't at the table yet) We have a rule of no electronics (ignore Brian's phone he hadn't put it up yet) This is our time to talk about the day, plans, what happened, etc.

5:30pm - Ella asked to make Overnight Oats for breakfast the next day. We made four individual mason jars, each with specific items we wanted. (I like coconut, but Ella doesnt. Ella only got a little pb, Austin got a lot) 

6pm- Got ready real quick and ran out the door to a Girl Scout meeting to earn "My Faith, My Promise" pin. We don't normally meet on Wednesday's, this was a special meeting for the pin put on by another troop. 

8pm - Home from Girl Scouts, it is already past our normal time of getting ready for bed. Ella brushes her teeth, puts on pjs and picks out a bedtime story. I lay down with her and read her the story. I lay there and read my own book until she falls asleep.

9pm - Ella is asleep (has been for a 20 minutes) I straighten up the house real quick. Every night that our windows will be closed (it dropped down to the 40's last night) I put water and essential oils in my diffuser. Right now I am using lemon, peppermint, and lavender for spring allergies. 

, give Austin and Brian kisses . I laid in bed for an hour and read some more of my current book. (Other times I watch movies) Brian is in the living room with Austin watching sports or something and getting Austin to sleep. Austin doesn't have a set in stone bedtime or bedtime routine. When he falls asleep Brian carries him and puts him in his bed. 

10pm - I roll over and its lights out. 

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  1. I love that you walk back and forth to school. I hear those pickup lines are crazy. Using my crockpot is something I need to get better at. Thank you for linking up with us! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  2. Sounds like you guys are very busy. I love that you can walk to and from school. That is definitely a great perk. That pork tenderloin sounds really good. I need to use my crockpot more often. Thanks for sharing your day and linking up with us!

  3. Very cool that you can walk to school! I would totally do that if we lived close enough.

  4. I love that you guys have a no electronics rule at the table for dinner. Makes that time together special!

  5. I always wanted to walk to school growing up! Those car pool lines can be intense! Sounds like a very busy day!! - Shannon


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