Memorial Day Weekend Wrap

Happy Tuesday. Time to get back to reality. Ella still has 7 days of school left. Even though Ella was with her father all weekend I still had a wonderful weekend. Lets take a look back.

Friday Ella and I had our first real “that doesn't match” morning. Ella asked me to help find her something to wear because it was going to be nice and she had gym. Everything I picked out for Ella to wear she said didn't match. I finally gave up trying to help her and let her pick out her outfit herself. This is her matching. Pink striped dress and zebra striped shorts. Oh the joys of parenting. She was happy and that's all that matters.

We had lots of fun playing with blocks and building on Friday while Ella was in school.

Austin and I ended up going outside after lunch. He figured out how to turn the hose nozzle on himself. It is going to be a long summer. 

Friday evening Brian and I thoroughly cleaned the house, especially the kitchen. We had been having an issue with black ants for a few weeks, but thought there we associated with all the yard work we were doing outside. We found some open candy in the cupboard with a lot of little not so friends helping themselves. We got rid of all the candy, wipes down everything and sprayed outside and inside. We have only found 2 random ants since. 

Saturday morning we stopped by Erie Shores Coffee Company and grabbed coffee, bagels with cream cheese and a muffin for Austin to go. We went to a local park and had our breakfast sitting at a bench watching some ducts. When Austin finished eating he decided to go for a walk with the duck in the water.

We saw lots of geese with their babies. What comes with ducks and geese,...lots of poop also. Not so fun walking and trying not to step on land mines everywhere. 

Austin enjoyed walking around the circle and running free.

After doing some shopping at one of the local farmers markets and Trader Joe's, Brian and Austin came home and cleaned out my car. Well Brian cleaned and vacuumed. Austin drove, learned how to turn on the radio, messed with my blue tooth, and opened and closed the trunk. 

I had a relaxing day and ended it with playing Pirate with Austin before bed. Brian went to a friends house to help install a patio. I also watched some of my DVR, I went a little crazy with recording movies and still have only watched half the Royal Wedding.

Sunday was a gorgeous day. I enjoyed started a new summer read.

Brian and Austin walked my car, and Austin rinsed off the van and himself.

You can take the mom out of the hair salon but can't take the cosmetologist out of me. Austin and Brian got short summer haircuts. 

My in-laws hosted their annual Memorial Day cook out. We tried to amuse Austin instead of chasing him all over the place by bringing his favorite car track outside. He enjoyed playing with it on and off the whole time.

This is my new favorite summer beer. Very light and refreshing. It is pretty sweet and orange tasting. Have you tried Bud Light Orange? 

The guys planned corn hole and can jam most of the cookout, when were were BBQing the ribs. 

Monday was our official rest day. Brian had a showing in the morning. Austin and I layed in bed relaxing. I ended up taking a nap while he played on his sisters phone. 

I surprised Austin by putting up a little pool. He enjoyed playing in it, and draining the water out of it and turning it into a slip and slide. We need to work on keeping his pants up. I ended up putting him in a smaller pair of swim trunks. 

Overall we had a fun filled, relaxing holiday weekend. We missed Ella but enjoyed our time with just Austin.

Did you do anything fun this holiday weekend?

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  1. You definitely kept busy. I don't like beer unless it is sweet, so I might like the one you shared!

    1. I use to hate beer. I started with fruity ones and now like a lot. My favorite are chocolate stouts.


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