Mother's Day Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday. I am so excited for the week ahead with no major plans. Compared to last week it is like a vacation. Lets take a look back at the last three days.

All day Friday I was at the school helping with their annual PTA hosted Plant sale. This year each student got to pick two flowers to take home. Ella's teacher had them paint a flower pot with their finger prints and the bottom is dated and has their name. It has to be my favorite present ever. Ella wanted to wait until Mother's Day to give it to me but I talked her into giving it to me early so it wouldn't die since it needed water and sunlight. 

After Ella went to her dads for the weekend, we dropped Austin off at his Grandma's for the night. They were going to try a sleepover again. (He hasn't slept there in over a year since the first time didn't go to well.) We headed to hang out with some friends at 730. We were supposed to go to dinner then go get some drinks. By the time we went out to dinner is was already after 9. I was aggravated, starving, and my back was really bothering me. I ended up getting a flight of beers to try since I couldn't decided. My favorites were the Pineapple IPA and Cocoa Suave. 

To eat we got fried pickles and a burger with pesto, fresh mozzarella and tomato with skinny fries. It was so good. After dinner they decided they wanted to go to Dave and Busters. I was exhausted, it was way past my bed time from a crazy day, and my back was really bothering me. I ended up going home, Brian stayed out with them until 2am. He had a good time and thats all that matters. 

Saturday ended up being a crazy run around day. Brian and I went to Panera Bread for a quick breakfast before picking up Austin. He did really good at Grandma's and didn't want to leave. After getting Austin we headed to a local fresh produce market to see if they had anything good for the week and for our Mother's Day Brunch. Nothing caught our eyes. We stopped at Trader Joes and got chicken sausage though for brunch.
Brian decided to stop by a local greenhouse and get some plants, then headed to the church our Girl Scout troop meets at to pick up the flowers we ordered from them. Then Home Depot for a few more things. We headed home to start some yard work and preparing the house for everyone coming over the next day for Mother's Day brunch.
Austin and I were outside for a little bit helping then it started to rain, which he is not a fan of. Brian put on a rain coat and stayed outside most of the day in the rain to finish some of our flower beds. It wasn't until 630 that Brian was finished and I went grocery shopping for everything we needed. The rest of the evening was spent cleaning, preparing, and setting up for the next day.

Sunday morning I was supposed to sleep in, yeah I was up at 630. Relaxed a little then finished preparing for the day. At 930 I had to leave to go get Ella from her Dad's and everyone else was supposed to start showing up at 1030 so I wanted everything to pretty much be set up.
We had 17 people over for our Mother's Day Brunch. We had a waffle bar:
- homemade Belgium waffles
- fresh strawberries
- fresh blueberries
- banana's
- chocolate chips
- syrup and butter
- whip cream
- hot banana's foster sauce
- bacon
- chicken sausage
- coffee
- mimosas 

I forgot to take pictures of any of the food. We didn't end up eating until 1130 as we were waiting for a few people to show up who had an extra table and coffee. I was starving by then. It all turned out delicious and everyone loved it. 

The day ended up being nice. We ended up outside and the guys ended up fixing out flag pole. (the rope came off the spool, then part of it seized together as we tried to take it apart... but it is all fixed now)

Austin wasn't having it with staged photos yesterday. He wanted to play, cut the grass, and run around.

My mom with all three of her grandkids and me. (my sister had already left for work by this time)

This was the best I got of a family picture, but I will take it. Ella had changed out of her dress to play outside, Austin I hadn't planned anything for him to wear. (Am I the only one who doesn't plan for my son to wear nice clothes, I know he is just going to get them dirty and Ella always loved dresses)

After everyone left we ended up doing some window shopping at Earth Fare, Lowe's and Marcs. I came home and took a nap while Brian cooked dinner and the kids played. We finished the evening going to Mitchell's to get ice cream. I got coffee with chocolate chunk ice cream (it wasn't vegan). It was delicious. Ella was spoiled with her mint infused chocolate chunk ice cream with sprinkles and a cherry on top. 

We had a great, fun, productive family filled weekend. I am so thankful for our wonderful families. Hope you and an amazing Mother's Day Weekend. 

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  1. Sounds like a nice weekend. Pretty cool that both of your kids were away for a night!


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