Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday. I'm sad for Ella to go back to school this week. We had such a great weekend. Only 12 school days left then she is home for the summer. Lets take a look back at our fun family filled weekend.

My view every day. Boy in a sandbox and my Hibiscus 🌺 tree I got for Mother’s Day. (soon it will be Ella in there also)

Family dinner for Ella's reward from her last report card, BJ's Brewhouse. This guacamole and bacon burger was so good. (no I wasn't able to eat all of it)

We walked from dinner into the mall. Both kids wanted dad. I love moments like these. 

Maybe Brian is turning her into a Star Wars girl. One day we will start watching all the movies before Star Wars land opens at Disney World. 

The never ending yard work. Like father like son. Austin has mulch in his also helping daddy. This round his was a little to heavy that Ella had to help. 

 Mother Daughter date. Started with Starbucks. Ella got an off the menu cotton candy frappicino. Then we headed to Dollar Tree and Target. 

Being a Unicorn at the mall. 

Ending our date with some frozen yogurt to share. 

Then we were leaving and saw a rainbow. Made for a perfect mother daughter date. 

Sunday morning Brian worked really early as an Auxiliary Police Officer for the Cleveland Marathon. My kids and I relaxed and hung out in bed with a little phone time before getting out day started. 

Grocery shopping done for the week. I forgot my list at home but only ended up forgetting one thing and it wasn't anything major. Austin fell asleep the last 5 minutes of shopping. 

Real talk time. I have previously tried to avoid, had anxiety over, stressed myself out about, ... over taking both kids grocery shopping with me. I had so many fears over going shopping alone and something bad happening. The last few weeks I have really been facing my fears (partially without much choice) and taking both kids grocery shopping with just me on busy Sunday mornings. I have to admit it wasn't anywhere close to as bad as I anticipated. Both kids were actually very good. Austin sits in the back of the cart at Aldi's (dont judge) we have managed to get a double cart at Walmart. It is a great feeling to feel confident enough to take both kids.

We ended our Sunday evening over my in-laws for dinner and Brian helped with yard work. Ella loves to play drive thru with the ledge between the dining room and front door. She was having a car show and selling cars to Austin who would drive up on his garbage truck. It was the cutest thing every. I love how they get along and play together.

Hope you had a great weekend. What did you do fun?

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  1. Oh I remember those days of fearing taking young kids to the grocery store (and I had three!)... but I really only ever HAD to leave the store once with a cart full of groceries and no time to actually check out. Mostly if I timed it just right (early in the morning) they were fantastic.


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