First Week of Summer Recap

Our first week of summer has come to an end and a crazy busy weekend. Instead of just doing a weekend recap I am going to do a quick weekly recap of all the fun we are having this summer. (or at least try to do a quick recap I don't make promises). 
We have so much fun planned for this summer. We are trying to do a somewhat schedule, limit screen time, lots of family time, adding in some chores, play dates, arts and crafts, .... We will see how it goes. 

~ Monday ~

For whatever reason we didn't spend a lot of time outside on Monday. I picked up Ella at 7:30am from her father's. 

We came home had breakfast then started cleaning. Ella helped by vacuuming the rug in the living room. This was the first time she really vacuumed and did awesome. I see this being on her chore list. 

After sweeping and vacuuming the tents and forts came out. They had their own little obstacle course to crawl from the tunnel to the tent, to the fort, to the other tent. They had fun for hours. 

Austin finally went down for a nap. Ella took down the fort and made her own contraption. It reminds me of something you would use in a garden. I enjoyed watching a Hallmark movie on the dvr. 

Monday was one of those nights were no one really wanted to make dinner so we went out to BJ's brewhouse and use Ella's reward certificate from her last report card. After dinner we wandered around the mall. She is a little diva with some patriotic sunglasses. 

No trip to the mall would be complete without a stop at the Disney store. We ended up buying Brian, Aubriella, and Austin each a new shirt for vacation. 

~ Tuesday ~

I am facing my fear more and more and taking the kids out shopping with me. Brian is working crazy hours and with both kids home all summer I have to get stuff done and can't lock myself in the house. Groceries don't deliver themselves (for whatever reason the major grocery delivery services are not available in our area yet.) We went to Dollar Tree, Babies R Us, Ollies, Volunteers of America, Aldi's, and Walmart. I have to say both kids were so good. Knock on wood I didn't just jinx myself for future shopping adventures. 

After shopping it was more tents, and Dublo blocks. 

Ella built the fort in her room.

When Brian came home he saw me sitting in a chair being serenaded by Ella telling the Moana story and making up her own songs. It was the cutest thing. I love her imagination. She made the waves behind her, and further up on the door that you can't see is Maui's hook. 

~ Wednesday ~

Just a typical morning, I am sitting in my chair reading "Kind is the New Classy" by Candice Cameron Bure and drinking my hot water with lemon, mint and local honey. I get two growths who think I am a jungle gym. 

Part of our summer daily schedule is Ella reading for at least 20 minutes a day, this does not include her bedtime story each night. 
Each week I have a theme planned. This past week was cleaning and organizing. We spent part of the morning going through Ella's clothes and getting rid of anything that didn't fit anymore or she wouldn't wear. 

One of the best investments we got (with the help of family as a huge birthday present) was the swing set for the kids. They can go outside and play and not say what should we do a million times. 

Running and jumping in the pool is always a lot of fun too. 

One minute he was sitting there watching Paw Patrol and eating cheese and crackers as his afternoon snack. The next thing I look over and he is passed out asleep. I left him there he looked comfy. 

It was a gorgeous evening Brian asked the kids if they wanted to go to a surprise. We loaded them both in the jogging strollers then went for the 1 mile walk up to the Dairy Queen. 

After we got home Brian and Austin took the garbage out to the curb. Ella put on her pj's then noticed that the lightening bugs are out. The kids ran around and caught a bunch. What I really mean is Ella caught a bunch and Austin screamed every time she showed him one. It was the perfect summer day. 

~ Thursday ~

When I left my previous job at Great Clips, I left on good terms. I know I will always have a job if a time comes when I need to go back to work. I stay on good terms and help out also when needed. I picked up a few hours Thursday. I took my kids to my parents house to have a play date with my niece and for my mom to watch them.

It was Ella's night to go to her dad's. We left my parents house with an hour to spare. With horrible traffic and construction it took us that whole hour to get home, it normally only takes 25-30 minutes. 

Brian decided we should take Austin to the local Duct Tape festival and see how he would do on rides since we planned on going to Cedar Point soon. He did awesome. He sat like a big boy and wanted to ride more. I have to admit I had fair/festivals rides and was not found of the idea but we did it anyways. 

Since we were already there, these mini donuts with powder sugar and chocolate dipping sauce were calling my name I just had to have them. 

~ Friday ~

Friday was a gorgeous day. I bought the kids a new bigger pool. We used the air compressor and filled it up then added some water. They spent most of the early afternoon playing outside and swimming. 

It must have worn them both out. Ella doesn't normally take a nap anymore but she had a small one this day.

After Brian came home the kids went outside with him and helped with yard work and played. I took this opportunity to tackle Ella's room. I had been wanting to organize it a little more, get rid of school papers she brings home and says she has to save that just pile up. I ended up with a full garbage bag of papers and non-sense. 

~ Saturday ~

Saturday morning Brian left early for work. When Ella woke up the first thing she wanted to do was finish the Father's Day cards we bought that she ended to decorate and add notes too. Austin also joined in. 

Then it was a little Paw Patrol time while I did the final cleaning around the house to get ready for hosting Father's Day. 

Brian came home and started to finish the yard work. Both kids helped and watched him cut the grass.

We ended up draining and moving the location of the pool. It made a nice puddle in the backyard for a few minutes that the kids decided to jump in. Then it dried up with being so hot out. Then we refilled the pool.

A few hours later my parents and niece came over to celebrate fathers day with them. We had ribs, corn on the cob from the Instant Pot, potato salad and cole slaw. After dinner the kids went swimming for a little bit. 

Austin was so excited he made a sandcastle by himself for the first time. 

For dessert with had cake and ice cream. 

The kids gave their Papaw his cards. We had a very nice relaxing Father's Day with my family. 

~ Sunday ~

Happy Father’s Day to the best father of my kids I could ask for. Your always there when we need you. You put your family first before anything else, you are the dad you didn’t have to be and the one you wanted to be. Thank you for everything you do for us. And putting up with my Disney obsession. We love you to the moon 🌝 and back.

I surprised Brian by making him and the kids French toast and bacon. I don't eat French toast so we never have it in our house. I did however make myself eggs instead. 

For most of the early afternoon we were preparing for the arrival of about 20 people for a Father's Day/Birthday party cookout. Brian's siblings are in from Boston, Denver, and Seattle. It was the perfect opportunity to have a get together. 

It was a very hot day. Most of the afternoon it felt like 100 outside. No one really complained. It was a wonderful Father's Day.

How was your Father's Day weekend?

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