Friday Favorites

Happy Friday. It is our first Friday of SUMMER!!!! I slept in, the kids are sleeping in (at least so far). Ready for a fun Girl Scout filled Saturday and going to play catch up on Sunday. We had a crazy day yesterday getting ready for summer with a new pool, a new costume for Ella, and a new car for mommy. Now lets get this weekend started. 

But first, it's time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Ella's school hosted a volunteer appreciation breakfast. It was a cute camping theme with these adorable place mats. 

They had a light breakfast followed by the second graders came and sang two songs. Then the students who's parents came did a cute little alphabet skit, were A- your amazing, C- for Cosi day.. Ella had the letter Z. I have no idea what she said she was so quiet. 

~ TWO ~

One brings me rocks the other brings me bugs. Ummm I think I will take the rocks.


Oh just a boy sitting in an Easter bunny basket. 

~ FOUR ~

End of the school year teach gift. Two nail polishes, toe separators, and nail files.

~ FIVE ~

Last day of school. 

~ SIX ~

Our last morning walk to school.


She has grown, matured, gotten more of an attitude, and learned so much over the past school year. 


Starting a new tradition ice cream for dinner on the last day of school.

~ NINE ~

It isn't just me that has a Disney Obsession, Austin in his cars outfit that he picked and Ella got a new Moana costume. 

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  1. Love the teacher gift! Ella definitely grew this year. So funny that you don't know what Z was for because you couldn't hear her. Ice cream for dinner sounds awesome!

  2. What a great teacher gift! I love your son brings you rocks; I have a rock collecting son too.


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