What's Up Wednesday

Hey friends. Happy Wednesday. Where did June go? I swear yesterday was Memorial day, now this week is the end of the month, plus my birthday is Friday. Growing up it has always felt like whenever my birthday came, in a blink of an eye summer was over. We are counting down until our Disney vacation which is the last big bang of summer. It is exciting and sad all at the same time. 

It's time for What's Up Wednesday. I'm linking up today with ShaySheaffer, and Mel. Talking about What's Been Up for the past month.

~ What We Are Eating ~
Sunday- BBQ chicken
Monday- Pizza (not planned but we got home late and i didn't have anything prepped)
Tuesday- late lunch of pizza had a shake later for dinner
Wednesday- Egg roll in a bowl
Thursday- Zoodles
Saturday- Leftovers 

~ What I Am Reminiscing About ~

For my quarter life crisis I got my nose pierced. It lasted less than a year than I got pregnant with Aubriella. I became allergic to all jewerly including my wedding rings.

Two years ago this was the best shape I had been in probably since high school. I want to get back to that. I had so much more energy, and confidence. 

Also two years ago Austin had his heart tests done. Thankfully he has made a full recovery.

~ What I Am Loving ~

My girlfriend had her baby 2 and a half weeks ago. We finally got to meet her yesterday. Austin was a awesome little daddy. He held her, fed her for 30 seconds than said she was done, burped her, and laid there and stared at her while she slept. He is going to possibly be an awesome big brother one day.

~ What We Have Been Up To ~

Took the kids to Touch a Truck. So much fun. 

Aubriella had her last day of Kindergarten. She is officially going into 1st grade. 

Moana is here, everyday.

I became a mini-van mom and I love it. 

Kids have spent lots of time outside and in the pool. We even upgraded to a bigger pool (not pictured)

Happy Father's Day

Had fun at Cedar Point

Plus a fun day at the zoo which started with donuts for the kids.

Had a play date. First official photo of all 6 kids. 

~ What I'm Dreading ~

Ella is going on vacation with her dad for a week. It is going to be so quite and lonely without her. Austin will ask for her a million times. It is the sweetest thing.

Ella has to have a dental procedure done towards the end of July. They have to put her to sleep. I am not looking forward to it. 

~ What I Am Working On ~

Little by little working on organizing our basement so we can paint, carpet, and turn it into a play room, workout area, and entertainment room. 

~ What I'm Excited About ~

Lots more trips to the zoo and we have started our countdown to Disney.

~ What I Am Watching ~

I thought girls were full of drama, boy was I wrong. This season of the Bachelorette has a lot of it. So far I like Colton, but his past with Tia rubs me the wrong way. I also like Garrett the minivan guy. Who is your favorite?

I have this on my DVR to watch, I hope it is good. Anyone watch it yet?

~ What I Am Reading ~

Maybe one day I will finish these two. You can see a full recap of what I have read recently HERE.

~ What Am I Listening To ~ 

I found a new Disney Podcast I am loving. Be Our Guest has some great listener questions answered. I also still love The Mouse and More podcast and Mousechat.

~ What I Am Doing This Weekend ~

It is my birthday weekend (my birthday is Friday) but we don't really have any plans. Just spending time with my kids.

~ What I Am Looking Forward to Next Month ~

Austin turns 3. OMG where has the time gone. I have decided we are not having a big birthday for him this year. But we will have a bunch of smaller one. 

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  1. I have to put our Disney countdown away since we just got back. :(

  2. So much fun stuff here! I'm with you on the bachelorette and I';; definitely have to check out that book!

  3. Lots of fun stuff going on! I can remember taking my oldest son to Touch a Truck (he's now 14 and drives most of the equipment around).


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