Back To School Prep Tips

Can you believe that it is almost time for back to school. I have a couple of girlfriends who kids start next week already. Our school district doesn't start until after Labor Day, it has pros and cons. Even though we have more summer left than others I still have been thinking and starting to prepare for back to school. I am sharing some prep tips to help prepare for this upcoming school year. 

1- Look At Calendar

Our school district is awesome with posting calendars and information on their website. I like to double check what day we start back. Some schools and grades start on different days, and if I decide to do preschool this year it is a completely different schedule also. (This will end up being a last minute decision) I also take a glance at what else is scheduled for the first month. We have a meet the teachers night, and PTA meeting to add to our schedule. Plus our Girl Scout meetings will be starting up again soon and we need to decide if Ella is getting back into a sport.

2- Make list of school supplies

How times have changed. Every school and grade now needs such different things for each child and classroom. Thankfully Ella was sent home with her school supply list with her report card on the last day of Kindergarten. (it is also available on her schools website.) Now I am checking sales, plus Ohio has our tax free weekend this upcoming weekend. I am also double checking to see what supplies we have already and don't need to go out and buy.

3- Go Through Clothes

Kids grow so much, and holes magically appear. It is time to go through clothes to see what Ella needs for the new school year. Getting rid of clothes with holes, items she out grew, and plan stuff she changed her style and decided she just won't wear anymore. Then I will make a list of what she does need. (I also take into consideration her birthday is in October and family always buys her clothes too) We will at least buy a first day of school outfit. 

4- Schedule Exams

Dental, Vision, Physicals sometimes are needed. Try not to wait until the last minute to schedule. ( we are up to date)

5- Back to School Traditions

Take a look at what back to school traditions you already started, one you want to get rid of or new ones you want to start. For Kindergarten we bought a first day of Kindergarten book, this year I want to add another special book in the mix. Any one have any suggestions. 

6- Establish a Routine

Normally we would start getting back to the school routine about a week or two before school actually starts. It is hard to go from waking up whenever to having to get up at 7:30. Or vice versa going to bed whenever to being in bed by 8:30. For us this year is going to be hard with going to vacation the week before school starts. We will start talking about what our school schedule will be and try to prepare as much as possible. 

What are your back to school prep tips? I love hearing others ideas. Leave your tips in the comments. Have a wonderful Tuesday.

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  1. We have the school supplies and the doctor's appointments down!


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