Favorite Podcasts

If you know me I am a podcast junkie. I barely listen to the radio in the car anymore, it is usually a podcast. Ella even told me the other day "Mom I want to be one of those people you listen to in the car, a podcast person" It was so cute and random.

Here are my top podcasts broken down into categories:


Be Our Guest WDW Podcast - Subscribe through Itunes, website 

Mouse Chat .Net - Subscribe through itunes, website

The Mouse and More Podcast - Subscribe through ituneswebsite


Coffee and Crumbs - Subscribe through ituneswebsite

The Home Hour - Subscribe through ituneswebsite

The Mom Hour - Subscribe through ituneswebsite

Health / Fitness/ Nutrition :

Nutrition Redefined - Subscribe through ituneswebsite


Rise Podcast by Rachel Hollis - Subscribe through ituneswebsite

Do It Scared - Subscribe through ituneswebsite

Build Your Tribe - Subscribe through ituneswebsite

These podcasts are no way sponsors or affiliates in any way. These are my personal opinions of what I like and what we listen to. I am linking up today with Erin from Simple Purposeful Living for 10 on the 10 Top 10 Podcasts. 

What are some of your favorite podcasts? 

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  1. I should really try listening to podcasts. Maybe the Disney ones!

  2. I love podcasts; thanks for sharing so many new ones... can't wait to check some of them out!

  3. After reading this I just subscribed to your mom section podcasts. I love listening to Podcasts. Thank you for sharing so many new ones!

  4. I just downloaded Do It Scared and I am anxious to listen to it, thanks for the suggestion. PS I didn't know Disney had so many podcasts!!!


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