Friday Favorites

Hey friends. Happy Friday. The weekend is finally here and a few more days until I get my princess back from vacation with her father.

it's time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Austin and his love for animals. He gave my parents dog lots of hugs and kisses while we were over there. 

~ TWO ~

Ella lost her 6th tooth. She may have to have a yogurt, pudding, mash potato diet soon at the rate she is going. 


Austin and I decided to stay in on July 4th. (Brian had to work as an auxiliary officer on their busiest night of the year with over 12,000 people in the park.) Austin may have been asleep before 8, but I stayed up to watch Disney World live stream of fireworks, even with a one hour storm delay.

~ FOUR ~

This is what we have been doing for the past few days. Nothing exciting but sitting in the bathroom every 15-30 minutes trying to potty train little man. It has not been successful at all. I have done more cleaning and laundry in two days than I anticipated. I have however finished one book and almost done with another (that has taken me two months to read as it is) 

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