July Goals and more

JULY is here. Summer, fireworks, sunshine, ... I had so many mental plans of a schedule and how summer was going to go. It hasn't happened yet. Ella is on vacation with her dad this week. I am hoping to get some things written out in stone of a schedule.

Below is my recap of June goals, my plans for July goals, Bucket List by the numbers, and taking a look back at New Years resolution. 

June Recap:
- Track food in my tracker book (I started but life happened) 
- Drink 70 oz of water a day
- complete 21 day fix (completed 2 weeks)
- eat more veggies
- stop mindless snacking (I am more aware of my snacking but still doing it)

- Ella's clothes
- organize office in basement
- organize laundry room
- start on main area of basement
- start on basement toys/clothes

- try 4 new recipes
- plan summer blog posts
- start crossing items off summer bucket list

- Mother/ Daughter
- Family
- Play Date
- Brian/ I

July Goals:
- 70 oz of water a day
- walk 5 miles a week
- workout 5 days a week
- track food

- come up with new cleaning schedule
- organize kitchen drawers

- try 4 new recipes
- come up with summer schedule

- Mother/Daughter
- Family
- Play Date
- Brian/I

Bucket List by the Numbers:
completed 9 items

New Years Resolution look back:
Can you believe that half the year is already over. We are already one full month into summer. This year I did not make any specific New Years Resolutions. You can read all the details HERE. A little recap is that my plan be more intentional and guiltless in my life. 

"I need/want to focus on myself again. When I was working out daily and eating less processed, wholesome food I had so much more energy and wasn't as sick as often, or for as long and I didn't have my back pain flair-ups. I don't want to do it to get attention from anyone. I need to do it for myself because I care about how I look and feel. I want to create a lifestyle that works for me and my family that includes a healthy balance of fit, fun, and freedom. 
By doing this for me, my family especially my kids will benefit by having the happy, healthy, active, present mom back again."

I am still yo-yoing with sticking to a healthy lifestyle and work out regimen. I started off the year doing a 3 month workout program with timed nutrition. I was successful the first 2 months then fell off the wagon. I still haven't stuck to a workout routine since then. I have been eating a lot healthier, more veggies, less processed, less eating out.

I am hoping by looking back at this NOW it will be a reminder and a kick in the butt to refocus. The year is already half over and I want to make these changes for myself for the better. 

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