Summer Recap Week 3

Another crazy week. Lots of fun, birthday celebrations, some tears and frustration, and babies. Lets take a look.

~ Monday, June 25 ~

I started back into a morning routine and getting a workout done every day last week. Little by little I will get back to the body I had and energy too.

Who doesn't love Amazon Prime? My parents ordered Austin's and my presents. Who can guess what they are. 

New luggage. No I don't have an obsession at all. Now Ella is jealous and wants one of her own too. 

My kids are doing better with grocery shopping just the three of us. Or lets say I am doing better with taking them with me. 

~ Tuesday, June 26 ~

Ella decided she wanted to come down stairs and workout with me. She mostly played with her toys but still kept me company. 

I finally got to meet my niece and the kids had a play date. She was a few days over 2 weeks old. She is so precious and cute. I just want to keep her. Mr. Jealous was always right by my side when I had Brianna. 

Ella was a cute little mommy and wanted to hold Brianna too. But playing was more exciting for her. Kayla and Ella played in the bed room by themselves and behaved the whole time, which is a miracle. 

Austin, Emma and Alex destroyed the house with their toys, but for the most part got along. You can expect perfect behavior from two 2 year olds and a 3 year old.

Mr. Little Daddy wanted to home Brianna also. He fed her the bottle for 30 seconds than said she was done. Don't worry we made sure she got her whole bottle. He also helped changed her diaper and burped her. He maybe an awesome big brother one day.

We thought he was going to take a nap with her. He laid down next to Brianna for a little bit while she was napping on the couch. 

All 6 of Heather and mine kids. As you can see some don't have the excitement as group photos.

~ Wednesday, June 27 ~

Wednesday was an exhausting day. I love my kids more than anything in the world and wouldn’t change being a stay at home mom for anything. They tested my patience to the extreme. Between not listening, fighting with each other, talking back to me, throwing things, yelling, having to repeat myself numerous times... Ella came home this morning still tired and moody, Austin fought his nap until after 5pm, plans and surprises for today got canceled. I have taken away toys and electronics. This only happens when Brian has to work all day. Thankfully Brian came home earlier than planned and took the kids to the store. I get a few minutes of piece and quiet. Got my workout in and ended the night on a  good note. We all have these kind of days. 

~ Thursday, June 28 ~

Our day started off at the Doctors for a pre-opp evaluation for Ella. She has to have a dental procedure done later this month. After the doctors appointment, which went great, we did a little window shopping at the At Home store, bought two shirts at Burlington, and treated the kids to lunch at Steak n' Shake. 

I even let the kids have a milkshake. 

Thursday evening Brian had another work function. This time it was at a comedy club in Cleveland. I tried this Chocolate Banana Martini, omg it was delicious and tasted like banana cream pie. 

Just a bathroom selfie, wearing one of the new shirts I bought.
The comedy club was a lot of fun. Afterwards we went to a local bar where they surprised me with a birthday shot and another drink. 

~ Friday, June 29 ~

I woke up Friday morning hung over, feeling like crap, getting sick, and exhausted. I don't enjoy drinking like this. I hadn't planned on having that much to drink. I do enjoy a beer here and there or a glass of wine, but mixing is never good. Most of the day Friday I dealt with the consiquences. I had to pick up Ella from her dads and get Austin from my mom's who kept him over night. Instead of going home we ended up staying at my moms where I slept. She took them over my sister's house so I could get some much needed rest. By 2pm I was finally starting to feel better and keeping food/liquid in me. Never again do I want to be this drunk/hung over again.

Later that evening it was still in the 90's and the kids were asking to go swimming. How can you say no. I use to love swimming after dinner before bed. 

Ella is loving our bigger pool. Now she is asking for an even bigger pool where she can really swim back and forth. 

~ Saturday, June 30 ~

Time to pimp out my mini van aka Disneyfy it. (yes I may made up a word there) Now I know it is my van. 

Brian was working so both the kids and I went downstairs to get a workout done. Then we headed off to the farmers market before we had our last Girl Scout event of the year, an ice cream social. 

Saturday we celebrated my sister and my birthday over my parent house. My sister and I are three years and two days apart, we have always shared birthday parties. The guys grilled kabobs and the kids enjoyed playing together in the pool. 

~ Sunday, July 1 ~

Tooth #6 finally gone. It was hanging on for a few days and she wouldn't let me pull it out. 

Sunday we checked out the Liberty Fest at Crocker Park. It was in the 90s out, so in our minds we are preparing the kids (and ourselves) for Disney weather. This was our first year going and had no idea what to expect. Ella enjoyed watching the Jasmine Dragons (I think that is what they were called) doing all kinds of gymnastics and tricks with hanging from fabric. She also enjoyed seeing the Olmsted Performing Arts students who were singing and dancing. 

Walking around the festival were these three stilt walkers. 

Ella asked if we could get macaroons again since we got them the day before. Its hard to say no to macaroons. 

Ella's favorite part of the Liberty festival was getting her hair sprayed pink at the Lake Erie Monsters booth. 
We stayed at the festival a little over an hour. It was hot and there wasn't as much to do as we expected. Then we headed to my in-laws house for my birthday dinner with them. They ordered chicken Marsala (my favorite) and rigatoni from Buca di Beppo. It was delicious. 

After dinner we checked out North Olmsted BOOM festival. There were a few games for the kids (nothing impressive) and a bunch of food trucks (we were stuffed so we didn't eat anything). We honestly didn't stay long at all. 

Instead we went driving around to find a Choo Choo for Austin to see. 

North Olmsted had their fireworks on Sunday night. I was excited because we had Ella. We also like that we can park far enough away to see the fireworks, but not to close for the loud noises and easy to get out of the parking lot. My mini-van has seats that flip backwards so we decided to try it out. It didn't go well. I kept hitting the buttons and trying to squish my kids. I need to work on that, we ended up sitting on beach towels and watching the fireworks. 

They did a pretty good show. It lasted 20 minutes and the kids were impressed. 

This week ahead hopefully will have some relaxing going on. Have a get holiday week.

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