Summer Recap Week 4

Happy Monday. I can't express how excited I am for today. At 730 this morning I pick my princess. She has been with her dad on vacation in Kentucky for the last week. I am sure she had lots of fun swimming, playing with sparklers, watching fireworks, having campfires... but I still miss her. Since she has been away we have had a pretty low-key week. Besides starting a new adventure with Austin. 

Monday July 2

Monday Funday. It was our last day with Aubriella for a whole week. We decided to have a full day of fun until her dad came to pick her up. It started off going to the library, checking out a few books, and playing for a little while.

We picked up lunch, Ella's choice of McDonald's (surprising) and went to a new to us local park and had lunch. After we ate the park had a 1/4 mile walking trail that we checked out. There is a large pod that Austin loved. 

Then we played for a good hour before it got to hot. Austin loved all the "roar" themed playground equipment. Ella was able to do the monkey bars all the way by herself. Most of the time we were the only ones there, or just one other family. 

We came home to enjoy some air conditioning and played some. Ella asked if we could take a selfie.

While dad made dinner we went out back and played some more. Somehow they suckered him into pushing them both on the swings. 

Ella also pushed Austin around the backyard in his little car. They had a lot of fun. 

Tuesday July 3

Tuesday was a very low key day. We started out adventures in potty training.

Wednesday July 4

Wednesday was the forth of July. Brian and I took Austin to a parade in a neighboring city. 

It was nice that Brian didn't have to work a parade this year so he got to see the excitement from Austin instead of directing traffic.

Austin got a lot of candy and really enjoyed all the cars and fire trucks. 

For dinner Austin and I went to my parents for ribs. (Brian had to work the fireworks for over 10,000 people). This boy really loves dogs and luckily the dogs he sees love him too.

Good thing I didn't have anything really planned for us this evening. He was asleep by 8pm, on the drive home.

I decided to stay to watch Disney World Live Stream of their fourth of July fireworks. There was an hour delay due to thunderstorms. 

It was well worth the wait. Nothing beats fireworks at Disney World. 

Thursday July 5

Another low key day trying to potty train my little man. 

Friday July 6

More adventures in potty training. Somehow I had to scrub 3 bottom couch cushions and 4 top ones from one accident. 

Yes he fell asleep this way. Anyone else's kids sleep in very weird positions. 

Finally went out for my birthday dinner date night. I gave Brian options of what I wanted, aka tacos and he chose Yard House. 

My favorite appetizer is Poke Nachos. 

As my meal I had blacked shrimp tacos. They were delicious and perfect for a summer evening. There was nothing special about the rice and beans or as my girlfriend called it "cat food" I did also have one watermelon beer. It was really crisp and refreshing. 

Brian got a steak with broccolini 

While we were out to dinner Austin played a grandma's and rode her garbage truck. Fisher Price needs to come out with a ride on hot wheels powered Garbage truck, this boy would be in heaven. 

Saturday July 7

Just a little boy stealing my bed and halfway under my pillow. Saturday Austin and I again had a low key day with more unsuccessful potty training. 

In the evening we attended a surprise welcome home party for Brian's best friend who just finished in the Marine Corps. 

What summer backyard party would be complete without a little corn hole. 

Sunday July 8

Austin making his own train set. I love that he is at the age to use his own imagination and play by himself. I also love when a present/toy he got he is still playing with 6 months later. 

He is showing his Patriotism and decorating his garbage truck, train, and dirt mover with flags. 

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  1. A watermelon beer sounds delicious! Glad you had a nice week! Your 4th sounds so fun!


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