Summer Wrap Up Week 6

Another week is gone, another week closer to vacation (even though we told Ella it was cancelled), and another week closer to back to school. I'm excited for all the above and sad at the same thing. This past week was rough. Trying to really get back to a schedule, dealing with extreme attitude with talking back, a little fun, and a major dental procedure. I'm glad this is a new week. Lets take a look back.

Monday July 16

Monday started with lots of playing with Austin's new toys her got for his birthday. Austin helped with his new ride on digger.

This isn't meant for two kids but they make it work.

The rest of Monday was rough to say the least. Both kids were not listening, I was having a rough day, and it rained. Austin did have fun playing in the rain.

Tuesday July 17

I think Ella needs a sister to do her hair. Austin was willing on Tuesday when we got ready to get out of the house for a few hours.

First stop was the library. They picked out about 10 books then got to play for a little bit.

I don't understand the obsession with sitting on the bull every time we go. (I must be old) 

After the library I treated them to McDonalds for lunch and to play at the park for a little while. Then we headed off to get our grocery shopping done for the week. Austin feel asleep so I pushed him the the stroller. The rest of the day we played at home. The kids were so much better behaved then they were the day before. 

Wednesday July 18

Wednesday was another rough day with my kids not listening. You would think it was a full moon this week or something. Plans got cancelled, we told the kids Disney was cancelled, and there were early bedtimes. I did manage to take a picture of Austin eating an apple by himself like a big boy. 

Thursday July 19

Why is it so quiet? Do I embrace them getting along or go see what they are up to? They are up to no good. Standing on the changing table looking out the window watching the cars go by on the highway. At least they were not fighting.

We spend most of the day on Thursday outside. Another day of the kids being good. We went for a ride to the school with plans on playing on the playground for a little while, but they must have some sort of summer school going on there were so many kids there we opted out of not going.

Instead we came home had a quick lunch then had some pool time. My kids really love these Bare Republic mineral neon sunscreen sticks. 

After swimming for a little while we came in to rest. The kids were watching something on the phone. The next thing I hear is "mom he fell asleep on me" It was the sweetest thing. 

Friday July 20

Friday Ella had to have a dental procedure done that consisted of going to the hospital and being put to sleep. I was more worried than her but tried to hide it.

She was a champ though. When she was done she was more upset about having an iv in her hand, and only one sock on (one foot had a pulseox on her toe)

Everything went great, actually quicker than they expected. She spend most of Friday just relaxing and napping. Plus lots of ice cream.

Saturday July 21

Saturday morning we had pancakes, which was the doctors recommendation of something soft to eat. She had a little struggled but ate most of the waffle with me feeding her tiny bites. 


Saturday afternoon she was back to her normal chipper self. We decided to get out of the house a little and do some shopping. Anyone else have to sit on the law movers at Home Depot everytime

Saturday evening I watched my girlfriends 6 week old baby girl while she went to a baseball game with the rest of her family and three kids. There was some jealousy going on. If I had Brianna, Austin was right by my side. Brianna got lots of love, hugs, head pats, and toys to play with while she was sleeping. She is giving me major baby fever

Sunday July 22

Sunday was a crappy rain on and off, cold, and no sunshine kid of day. I did grocery shopping, took a nap, and organized the house and everything for the upcoming week.

My kids played outside, played inside, both of them took a nap, and played in the basement. They got along great and had fun. 

Last note on Ella. She had 4 teeth pulled, 4 crowns, and a few cavities filled. She will be getting spacers in a few weeks so her teeth dont more until her adult teeth come in. She hasn't complained about being in any pain. Her only complaint is she cant chew with her mouth still sensitive. It will get better over time. Sicne sharing 

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  1. Sounds like Ella's procedure went well, I'm glad!

  2. Glad her surgery went well and all the worry was for nothing; such is a mom's life right? I remember when my son had to have his tonsils out and I was acting like it was no big deal for his sake while I was shaking inside. Can't wait to see some Disney pictures!


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