Summer Wrap Up Week 10

Our summer is almost coming to an end. It is already the 20th of August. We technically have two and a half weeks left, but we will be at Disney World for a week of this and the rest will just be craziness. We have had a such a fun summer. I can honestly say we did a lot and it felt like summer, but I am ready for school to be back in session and to get to a schedule/routine. I hate to admit that this summer I had all the intentions of having some sort of schedule/routine but it never really happened. 

Monday August 13

Our neighbors are re-doing their basement. I can't tell you how excited this little boy was to see a garbage truck back in their driveway. Every morning he goes and looks to see if it is still there .

Austin also had his 3 year check up. He is 36 inches and 28 pounds. We have to take him to get evaluated by the school for a possible IEP and to speech therapy. 

My sister came over for a play date, and to watch Ella while we took Austin to the doctors. She stayed for dinner then we went for a walk and took the kids to the park. 

Tuesday August 14

Wednesday August 15

Thursday August 16

I have a new little helper with baking brownies

Then the professional brownie baker came to help.

Followed by a little helper with dishes, which really means he just got himself soaked. 

Friday August 17

A day filled with playing dress up, playing in the sand box, and enjoying the last of our summer.

Saturday August 18

We started off the morning with lots of playing. Look he even grouped the colors together on his own.

I think (hope) we have now bought everything we need for vacation. Little man is tired of shopping.

Sunday August 19 

This may look like a mess but it is my organized mess of packing for vacation. Trying to split everything between suitcases and make sure I don't forget anything. It is so much more stressful when traveling with one kid in diapers.

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