Tuesday Talk- Back to School Traditions

Happy Tuesday. I am in crazy mom mode over here. I pick Ella up in a few hours from her fathers, then we leave for Disney World TOMORROW before the sun comes up. I don't know who is more excited me or the kids. I have spent all weekend going crazy packing everything that we could possibly need and them some so I can relax today and enjoy ourselves. Plus we come home from Disney and start school in less than a week. I am also trying to plan and prepare for back to school.
A new school year, a fresh start, time to look back at traditions that we started last year, some we want to continue, some we want to forget, and maybe start a new one or two. 

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~ The Night Before Reading~ 

Last year we read "The Night Before Kindergarten" the morning of her first day while eating breakfast since she had spent the night at her fathers. This year we are reading two different first grade books. I couldn't decide which one so I got both. (These are a surprise for Ella) First Grade, Here I Come and The Night Before First Grade

~ Breakfast ~

On a normal day Ella has just cereal for breakfast, but then she is hungry an hour later. We always start off special days, including the first day of school with sausage and protein pancakes and add sprinkles for fun. This year we are going to be trying different things for breakfast so she isn't starving by the time lunch comes around at school.

~ Interview ~

Every year we do a first day of school and last day of school interview and compare the answers. It is something fun to do and I keep it in Ella's school memory container. I found this cute one last year, but can't seem to find what website it was from. 

~ Photos ~

I am that mom who takes a picture on the first day of school with the sign. I love seeing how she grows and changes, different interested, etc. I have yet to purchase a sign though, we currently just use a dry erase board that we have around the house. 

~ Outfit ~

The first day of school outfit is always something new and important. We go on a special shopping trip where Ella gets to pick out her own outfit for the first day of school. Last year Ella picked a blue Descendents dress. We still have to buy an outfit for this year.

~ Lunch Box Notes ~

Last year I printed off a bunch of lunch box notes that I found on Pinterest. I sent them with Ella the first few weeks then just got out of the habit of doing it. Ella found the notes stashed in the kitchen and asked if I would do them again this year.

~ Bracelets~

Last year I made special bracelets for Ella and I to wear when she went to school and missed me. She loved it for a few days but then became confident, and made friends and no longer needed me. (plus the bracelets kept breaking) We won't be doing that this year

~ Routines~

I love a routine that works. This one worked for us pretty good last year. We will be doing something similar this year. We also will be doing an after school routine since I believe she will have homework this year. 

Do you have any back to school traditions?

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  1. Aww, this is so sweet and I love the ideas! My son is entering Kindergarten this year and I know he'd love some of these. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sweet ideas. We take a photo with a sign too.

  3. Awe... what fun ideas! I love back-to-school time!!


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