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It has been a few months since I did Bedside Book Review. There are quite a few here, since it is like 3 or 4 months worth. 

Finished and Loved:

I loved this book. It honestly was my favorite summer read. Murder, secret child, secrets, romance and zig-zag plots makes it a can't put down book. The story has empowering women, and the power of friendship. 

I have always been a fan of Candace from her tv shows, movies, and her books. Kind is the New Class has great tips, tricks, and insight of being more compassionate to the world. I enjoyed her sharing how her faith is intertwined with everything in her life, but doesn't throw it in your face.

I love Shaun T's way of motivating and inspiring others by sharing his story as well as a few successes of others. He inspires you to go out and be a better very of yourself. 

A steamy love story that started unexpectedly on a dark stormy Christmas Eve. This was a couldn't put down book. Wish I would have read it around Christmas to make it even better. 

You can learn so much about a person from their words. Nicole uses this book as an outlet to share her story of her past that has made her who she is, but she doesn't let the past define her future. 

Finished and Ok:

It is a sweet romance with second chance love. After Carolyn is given custody of her niece she had to leave her job as a NYC chef even though she isn't a maternal person by nature. Does she end up making her new role as "mom" and a love life work out in her old hometown.

Who knew that Rachel Hollis the author of Girl Wash Your Face also had cookbooks. I loved the Real Life Dinners cookbook. I got some great ideas and have made a few of her recipes successfully. I wasn't a huge fan of Upscale Downhome. They are easy recipes but not necessarily recipes I would personally make. 

It is your typical enemies from family feuds fall in love, but will their families ever accept it. There is some steamy romance going on, as well as some lies and twists. 

There is a prequel in the book that gets you hooked ready to hear the rest. The main story is just ehh, and a slow read. It seems a little soap opera like. 

Not Worth Your Time:

I had really high hopes for this book. I had heard great things about her Fab 4 Smoothies. I do read a lot of "diet/lifestyle books". I felt like her outlook isn't really that different from anyone else just changing your way of thought. I tried a few of her smoothies and hated the taste and couldn't stand drinking it. 

There are a lot of editing errors, the characters aren't described very well leaving lots of unanswered questions and very confusing at parts. 

Currently Reading:

What are you currently reading?

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  1. I might be one of the few out here who is not an Emily Giffin fan!

  2. Everyone seems to be all over that Emily Giffin book but I can't read anything by her anymore. She is not for me.

  3. The High Tide club sounds interesting. Will add it to the list!

  4. I love Emily Giffin. I just read Mary Kay Andrews' other book, the Weekenders.

  5. I love Candace Cameron Bure too, but I haven't read any of her books!


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