Friday Favorites

Happy Friday. Its the weekend, time to catch up from everything that didn't happen this week that I wanted to get done, prepare for our first Girl Scout meeting on Monday, and relax. Is that all possible? 

It's time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

This has been the scene in my living room the last week. Austin drags his Thomas train set out of his room and puts it in the living room. I'm not complaining. He is having fun. It was a Christmas gift last year. I love presents that they still like a month later let alone 9 months later. I hate to admit there are a few birthday presents he received from his birthday that he still hasn’t touched. 

~ TWO ~

Some mornings are easy peezy. Other mornings not so much. One day this week we had an argument over what was appropriate to wear to school and Ella wanting to match me. (I love that she wants to match me still) So our Wonder Women shirts won.


Earlier this week I shared my Fall Home Tour 2018. After posting I got the motivation to make my new fall wreath. I bought the stuff last year to make and never did it.

~ FOUR ~

My princess is growing up. Wednesday for dinner she made mac n cheese pretty much by herself. I had to turn on the stove and dumped the water but she did everything else.

~ FIVE ~

Mahi Mahi maybe my new favorite fish. Brian grilled some for tacos the other night. They turned out so good. We had planned on having a slaw also but it went bad. 

~ SIX ~

First day of a new gymnastics session calls for a new outfit. Originally Ella didn't want to do gymnastics again she wanted to try something else. Then couldn't decide what she wanted and decided she wanted to go back to gymnastics. She loved her first class this session.


It is a little hard to see (click on the picture and make it bigger). There are four deer in our neighbors yard. When we first moved in we had all kinds of animals in our neighborhood. The last year and a half we haven't seen any. Until this morning they scared the crap out of me when I went to throw something away.


It’s picture day. When your mom is a hairdresser you wake up and get some special curls put it. (since I got home late from PTA and didn't have time to braid her hair last night) Hopefully they last in the heat.

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