Disney Day 3

Day 3, second park of our trip, the hottest day ever, not many rides... but lots of fun at Animal Kingdom. 

We started off most morning by eating breakfast at the hotel. We had cereal, bananas, yogurt, and kind bars as options. Then we headed to the park. We got to Animal Kingdom during their extra magic hours, even though this wasn't the plan. We had time to spare before Ella's and Brian's first fast past so we surprised the kids by meeting Mickey and Minnie together. Adventures Outpost is the only place on Disney World property where you can get a picture with both Mickey and Minnie. Austin was still a little shy, but I got a bunch of kisses from Minnie.

Ella's favorite roller coaster, this girl has no fear, is Expedition Everest. She got to ride it twice with Brian and I. Since there isn't many rides at Animal Kingdom with fast passes that Austin can ride, (and he hoped he would have grown some more) Ella got to ride for him. 

Up next was Kilimanjaro Safari. (This was the only day that I needed to wear my frogg towel to help with the heat. We all shared the two we had.) 

We saw a lot of animals, not the most I have seen before or the least. The kids both enjoyed it. Ella got to see her favorite of zebra's and Austin really liked the elephants. 

Time for a train ride over to Rafiki Planet Watch. 

We were surprised to find Rafiki with a very little line. He was awesome with Austin, Ella was to shy to go up to him alone. Here is Austin giving him his autograph book.

This is by far my favorite picture of Austin with a character. 

Since Ella wouldn't get in the picture alone we made it another family picture and Brian is a fan of Rafiki anyways.

Doc McStuffins was also so much fun. She kept making Austin giggly, and played with Ella's light up shoes. 

Part of Rafiki Planet Watch is a petting zoo. There is also an observation area to see vets work on animals, and lots of learning experience. This area was dead when were over there. The one downside is you have to take the train to and from this area and it closes earlier that the rest of the park. 

First stop after returning to Animal Kingdom since we went back to our hotel for a nap was seeing the Lion King live. This is by far my favorite show at all of Disney World. Austin sat and watched the whole show in awww. 

Last ride before our special dinner was riding triceratops spin.

This vacation we booked one character meal. We choose Tusker House for dinner. It is a buffet that had options that all of us would eat. Plus we got to meet some great friends. First up was Donald. Who is Brian's favorite. 

Followed by Daisy.

She was so cute with Austin. He gave her a huge hug before she left our table. 

Then she came back and grabbed Austin and Ella to go participate in their dance party conga line. She held on to Austin's hand the whole time and brought them both back to our table when they were done. 

 You can feel the excitement in his face, there was also a high pitched scream of excitement when this character entered the dining room. I wish this photo wasn't blurry. Can you guess who it is?

It was Mickey. 

Last but not least was Goofy and he was funny and played with the kids. 

Here is a fun magic shot we did, well 3 of us cooperated. Austin wanted nothing to do with this photo earlier in the day. 

We ended the night at Pandora World. OMG the pictures I took do not do it any justice. When we went to Disney on our adults vacation back in April we skipped this area. Boy we were wrong to do that. Both Pandora rides are amazing, incredible technology, truly a ride, and area not to miss. Ella got to ride the Pandora ride twice because Austin was to short, and he was sleeping by that time. She still hasn't stopped talking about this ride.

We had an awesome day at Animal Kingdom. It ended up raining towards the end of the night (it rains pretty much everyday at Disney just doesn't last long). I wish there were more rides. We did talk around and see all the animals also. If it wasn't for having a late dinner planned we could have been done with the park by 4 and had the rest of the afternoon for something else. 

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  1. I heard they are closing Rafiki's Planet Watch. I love Rafiki, I hope he's available for meet ups somewhere else when they close it! I didn't realize the Animal Kingdom is the only place you can meet Mickey and Minnie together! We did it too this past time! Awesome that Ella got to ride on Flight of Passage! We all loved it too.

    1. They are closing Rafiki's Planet watch at the end of the month, it is scheduled to reopen spring 2019

  2. eeek! I cannot wait to take miss A one day!


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