Weekend Fun and TBB asks

Happy Monday and Hello October. This weekend really flew by. It can be true time flies when you are having fun. 

Friday night Brian and I had a last minute date night, we talked about  it on Wednesday night and finalized everything on Thursday.

Dropped off Austin at Brian's parents and we headed to check into a hotel. Sometimes you just need a night away, even if we are just a city over. Brian had won a one night stay at a local hotel that we needed to use up before it expired. 

After checking into our hotel and dropping off out bags we went to Yard House, our go to date night spot for dinner. They have Octoberfest going on currently so we decided to try some Poutine fries. They were good (but Le Cellier at Disney World is better) 

I decided to get a stout beer, Brew Garden Coconut Chocolate. I am a huge fan of chocolate and coffee stouts. This one did not disappoint. 

I had a Poke bowl as my entree. I have a new love for edamame. The orange is caviar, I wasn't a huge fan of that. The rest of it was delicious and so filling but not heavy feelings. I even brought some home. 

Brian got the pepper crusted filet. He was very satisfied.

After dinner we walked around Crocker Park, stopped at Cheesecake Factory and got a cheesecake to go. Then we went back to the hour and relaxed in front of the fireplace with a bottle of wine. It was a much deserved night away. I have decided that a gas fireplace is a must in our next house. 

Saturday we woke up and had a hot continental breakfast at the hotel. Then headed to get some grocery shopping done childless. It was wonderful to wonder the aisles of Trader Joes and Fresh Thyme without little hands helping. After shopping we stopped and got some Starbucks for National Coffee Day. 

We picked up Austin and headed home. Brian had to go show houses. Austin and I relaxed and took a nap at home. 

Saturday night was girls night. Sarah, Heather, and I went to BJ's Brewhouse. We started with spinach artichoke dip and chips. It wasn't the greatest, we won't be ordering that again. 

We all ended up getting burgers. I picked the guacamole bacon burger. OMG it is heaven in your mouth. 

After dinner we did a lot of window shopping at the mall, and I bought Ella a few things for her birthday. Then we hung out at home and had a nice evening with girl chat. Heather ended up staying until after 1 am. We were watching Ohio State Football win and enjoying not having kids, we have 6 between the 2 of us. (7 kids in you include Sarah's daughter)

Sunday started off as a very relaxing day for Austin and I. Brian was working again. When Brian came home we headed to Target to finish up shopping for Aubriella's birthday.

After shopping my parents stopped by for a little bit. Within 5 minutes of them leaving Austin was sitting on the couch eating goldfish crackers and fell asleep. We both ended up taking a nap until Brian got home again from work. While Brian was watching the Cleveland Browns game I finished the grocery shopping, made dinner, straightened up the house and got everything ready for the week ahead. 

It was a fun weekend and went buy to quick. This week will be lots of celebrating my princess turning 7. 

I decided to join The Blended Blog for TBB asks Fall 2.0

1- Favorite Fall Color? - Orange and deep purple

2- Apple Cider Hot or Cold? -  Hot with a cinnamon stick sitting around a fire.

3- Carmel Apple Yes or No? - NO

4- Pumpkin Donut or Apple Cider Donut? - Apple Cider

5- Long or Short Cardigan? - Long

6- Favorite Football or Fall Party Food? - Buffalo Chicken Dip

7- Orange or White Pumpkins? - Orange

8- Hayride or Bonfire? - Bonefire

9- Favorite Fall Baked Good? - Pumpkin Roll

10- Most Anticipated Fall Activity? - Pumpkin Patch

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