Friday Favorites

Happy Friday. Our week has felt off since having off school on Tuesday for voting day. It doesn't seem like it should be Friday yet but at the same time I am excited for the weekend. We are doing some Christmas shopping, and date night. 

Right now it's time for some random Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

The other night Ella decided to lay in bed with me and tell me she was ready for me to read her bedtime story. She just looked so photogenic and making faces. 

~ TWO ~

Since November 1st Austin has had an obsession with this turkey. It was originally Brian's grandma's, then his fathers. Austin stole it last year. It was in his room with all his other stuffed animals and now became his new best friend. He has been taken it everywhere with him. From Target to the Farmers Market, and Costco.

~ THREE ~ 

Last week was like the best day ever. Starbucks had a special that if you bought a seasonal latte you got a free reusable mug. Then I come home from Starbucks and my new Hallmark Christmas movie watching shirt arrived that I ordered on the Jane app. I just look basic with a top knot, yoga pants, Hallmark shirt, and Starbucks.

~ FOUR ~

My favorite part of fall is the colors. Earlier this week these trees were so much fuller. After high winds (which caused us to loose power twice) a lot has fallen. Now we had the chance to jump in the leaves and cross another thing off our bucket list. 

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  1. Love those impromptu photo shoots! Happy friday!

  2. Our trees were holding up well until we had a huge storm and now they're all pretty bare.

  3. Free re-usable mug!!! AWESOME! I love me some Starbucks!


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