Kids Bedtime Routine

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I get questions about how our bedtime routine works in our family. I talk and share so much about our family, stuff we do, our schedules, and life in general. I have never really have gone too much into detail about our families bedtime routine. As a mom to a 7 year old girl in first grade and a 3 year old boy our bedtime routine isn't necessarily typical. I hate to admit Austin really doesn't have any sort of bedtime routine. He stays up with dad watching TV. We plan on getting him on his own routine soon. 

Aubriella has a bedtime routine that works for us when she is with us. The nights and weekends she is at her father's I don't believe they really have a routine. This is how our bedtime routine works during the school year on evenings that I have Aubriella:

7:00pm - Bath time starts, depending if it is bath time. My kids enjoy taking baths together. (my bathroom floor not so much) While in the tub they will wash their bodies, and I will do Austin's hair. Then Austin gets out and Aubriella stands up to get her hair washed, conditioned, brushed, and rinsed while standing up with the shower head.

7:30pm - Aubriella puts on her pj's, brushes her teeth, and picks 1-2 bedtime stories. She then goes around and gives kisses, gets her bed ready and waits for me. 

7:40pm - I lay in bed with Aubriella and read her the bedtime stories she picked out. Each night we read for 20 minutes as part of her school reading program, and because reading to your kids to so vital. Right now we are reading a chapter book series about mermaids so she gets one to two chapters a night. After her stories I lay with her until she falls asleep. Sometimes I am so exhausted from the day I fall asleep myself (then Brian wakes me to go to bed later). Most times I am reading on a book on my kindle

8:00pm - By this time Aubriella is asleep. Sleep is so important to kids. I notice if Aubriella doesn't get enough sleep, sometimes meaning 11 hours of sleep she can be very crabby and moody the next day. Luckily this hasn't been an issue with school yet.

What is your kids bedtime routine?

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  1. Both of my older kids go to bed on their own, but they still have bed times. My youngest still gets a story read to him before bed. I would like for him to start reading to himself instead!


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