Long Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Tuesday that feels like a Monday. I have a love / hate relationship with long weekends. I love having the extra family time but I get confused on what day it is. Ella had a four day weekend with having Friday off for who knows what reason and Monday for Presidents Day. 
We had a pretty good, somewhat productive weekend. It was a much needed break with a refresh. 

~ Friday ~

Friday started off with Ella having a play date with her cousin and my girlfriend's daughter. We try to get our kids together every few months, but it doesn't always happen with sickness, days of school, schedules, life, etc.. My girlfriend has four kids and only brought one because the rest weren't feeling well. 
Along with Ella getting her play date I got some adult conversations with my sister and girlfriend Heather. 

All of this was happening during little Mr. nap time. He decided to crawl up on me as I was laying in the chair and fall sleep. Not the most comfortable position, but at least he wasn't putting pressure on the baby. Once he was asleep I had my sister move him to the bed. 

Yes we had McDonald's for lunch. This is what happens when I am pregnant. I eat/crave foods I don't normally eat or want. My body actually handles fast food a lot better when pregnant compared to when not pregnant. I will be back to eating healthier, limited fast food, clean eating after having this baby. 

When the play date was over my sister took Ella to our parents house where she was having a sleepover. It made for a quiet evening for Austin and I. We had pizza for dinner and relaxed and watched TV. Brian worked his other job as a auxiliary police officer. 

~ Saturday ~

Saturday was an emotional day. Our morning started off a little slow. Then we headed to drop Austin off at my parents house. Brian and I had to go to a family funeral. We opted out of taking the kids. While we were at the funeral Ella's grandmother from her dad's side picked her up and took her to an ice festival. We left Austin at my parents until Ella got back. Instead of having to drive out to my parents twice we went home and took a much needed nap. The rest of the evening was spent driving around as a family and having leftovers for dinner, nothing to exciting.

~ Sunday ~

Sunday morning started off with BACON, which is always should. We usually have pancakes or waffles also, but I was in the mood for a dunkable egg, even though I am not supposed to have under-cooked eggs while pregnant. I broke the rules because I really wanted it.

After breakfast we straightened up the house, did some cleaning, vacuuming, dishes, sweeping, kind of stuff. Ella offered to vacuum, while in her heels. On Friday Ella said she was tired of cleaning and doing chores that she was going to make her husband do it when she got older, but then she offers to vacuum, funny little girl. 

Brian spent most of the day in our basement laying carpet. Soon enough it will be finished where we will have some more living space, play room, new office area and bar. I can't wait for it all to be finished. I really can't wait for it to be done to the point where we can get done there and relax and get some organization back in our house. 

~ Monday ~

Monday was half-way back to reality. Brian went into the office for half a day and I had to play catch up on things around the house. Ella started off her day watching Zombies on the Disney Channel, we have it DVR'd. I started off the day folding and putting away laundry, and doing dishes. 

Lunch time. Air fryer chicken patty sandwiches with oranges and pringles. Ella ate all of her. Austin ate the bread and chips. 

After lunch the kids played for a little while until it was Austin's nap time. I put him down for his nap than Brian came home from work. Ella and I then ventured out of the house to do some much needed grocery shopping. 

We ended our night with baths, ice cream sandwiches, a little reading, and some cuddles. Austin had pushed on my stomach in the wrong spot and I said something about not feeling well. My little doctor decided to check my temperature. He is cute. 

Hope you had a great weekend. 

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  1. Sorry for your families loss. :-( I am obsessed with my air fryer for chicken patties and fish sticks - YUMMO!

  2. Sorry for your loss.

    Nice to have a three day weekend! I'm glad you found other enjoyment together!


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