Weekend Wrap

Happy Monday. We are having some crazy Ohio weather. Last week the kids had two freeze days with the temps being below zero, today my car was reading 63 degrees Fahrenheit, but tomorrow we are suppose to be back to the 30's. You never know what the weather is going to do. 
This past weekend we actually got out of the house and enjoyed it. 

~ Friday ~
This year not only am I my daughters Girl Scout leader, but I am also the Cookie Mom. Cookie order forms were due to my on Friday so we had an evening at home while parents dropped off their forms and Brian for a fancy to deep clean the bathroom and some of the house. It was nice spending time together and everyone cleaning, even the kids helped. 

~ Saturday ~
Let the craziness begin. Brian judged and sponsored part of an event at the Home and Garden Show. He had to be there by 10 am on Saturday for the awards show. Before that though we had to drive 30 minutes the opposite way to drop off Austin at my parents house, swing my Brian's parents house, then head off to the Home and Garden show. It was a good chunk of the morning driving around. Ella did awesome though, she grabbed a toy and was well behaved. 

We got there with time to spare, shockingly. Ella and I found a seat while Brian talked with the other judges. Ella wasn't impressed with the awards. They announced the top 10 winners and that was it. Afterwards we took her over to where the houses they designed and built were so she could understand more. 

Here is Brian with this year's winning team. Two of the guys on the team were also on the winning team last year. 

One of Ella's favorite parts of the Home and Garden Show, besides the food, was the Home Depot booth where she got to build something. They had 5 different items to choose from. She decided she wanted to build a race car. Brian helped her, but she did most of the work herself. 

Ella was so proud of her race car. She asked if we could paint it at home, sure we can. Also notice the unicorn headband that I bought her while we were there also. She got lots of attention with it. 

One of my favorite parts of the Home and Garden show is walking through the houses and the gardens. This year I wasn't impressed with the houses. None of them had big bathtubs, am I the only one that still wants a huge bath tub that I can lay down in and it cover my body not just half my legs. I did love the gardens this year. I wasn't able to walk around all the gardens though. This was the last thing we were doing that day and I was exhausted, cramping, and ready to go. I did get to see the Rapunzel garden and loved it. 

After we were finished with the Home and Garden show we went home so I could rest some before more plans that evening. By this time it was after 2, I had done more walking that I had done in forever and I have been dealing with sciatica pain. 

Saturday evening we went to my in-laws house to celebrate a family birthday. Both kids were good and had fun. I got to relax, well relax as much as you can when your not at your own home. Overall it was a good day.

~ Sunday ~

Are you really a Disney fan if you don't realize that Sunday was 2319 day? 

Sunday I spent a lot of time doing Girl Scout Cookie orders. I had to add up all the girls order forms and enter them into the system. It took a lot longer than I anticipated but it is done. I ended up getting out of the house with Ella for a little bit to get some shopping done for Girl Scouts and Ella still needed Valentine's Day Cards. OMG I was surprised how much of a limited selection Target had already. I'm glad we didn't wait any longer.

I had all the intentions to watch Super Bowl commercials and half time show, but it didn't happen. By the sounds of it I didn't miss to much though. Brian did make wings in the air fryer that turned out delicious. 

Hope you had a great weekend. 

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  1. Sounds like a fun, busy weekend! I love huge bathtubs too ha! We had a house with a tiny one and it was terrible! The garden show looks like fun.. especially the Home Depot kids thing! My son is making a little derby car now with Trail Life.


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