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Happy Tuesday. It's time for some Tuesday Talk. I am linking up with Ashley and Erika and you blog about anything and everything.

This month I am looking for some help, suggestions, words of encouragement (no negativity) on potty training. Austin is going to be 4 this summer and needs to be potty trained to start preschool. 

Lets start with a little back story about his health that has prevented/postponed us potty training him.
- Austin was born with fluid outside his right kidney. Last we had checked the fluid hadn't increased. It potentially could increase once he is potty trained and is "holding it" instead of going to the bathroom. If this happens there is the potential of having surgery or medicine, we won't find out until he is fully potty trained. Because of this there is always that fear in the back of my mind. 
- Austin also has a speech delay. We are working with speech therapy to help his talk and for us to understand him. Not until recently he hasn't been expressing or really saying if he has gone pee or anything. 

We had tried months ago with no success just lots of mess. This past Sunday he undressed himself and took off his diaper and was willing to sit on the toilet. We had some success and some mess as well. Since Sunday he is no longer showing any interest again and it is a big fight to get him to try. 

I had seen on Pinterest about having boys sit backwards and write on the toilet with a dry erase marker. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS!!! The marker did not come off our toilet seat. We have also tried letting him have his kindle while he is trying to go potty and play with special toys on the potty and that only lasts a few times. 

I read somewhere about a 3 day method all or nothing. This currently won't work for our schedules of sitting home for 3 days with nothing else planned. Between school drop off and pick up, Girl Scout activities, doctors appointments, birthday parties, etc. we don't have a few days off in a row. 

I know that just potty training when it is convenient and when he wants to is never going to work. He will be is diapers/pull ups forever. We all know at times it is a burden to have to run to the bathroom. (Says the pregnant mom who wakes up 3x a night to go pee) 

A fellow blogger recommended the book "Oh Crap! Potty Training" I haven't started reading yet but I am hoping to get some good tips and tricks to get this little boy potty trained.

What worked for your kids? Any helpful tips would greatly be appreciated. 

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