Weekend Wrap Up

Hey friends. Happy Monday. It has already been a rough morning but I am glad that we are off to a fresh week. I am hoping that the day gets better and doesn't continue in a bad direction. We had a busier than normal but fun weekend. Really most weekends I try not to do to much but rest. 

Friday I had an important meeting with our Girl Scout council representative to go over some yearly troop updates and problems within our troop. I was dreading this meeting, not knowing what the outcome would be but it turned out to go very well. I volunteer a large amount of time to be the Girl Scout leader for my daughters troop, plan every meeting, in charge of cookie sales, and so much more with very little help. At times things don't go as planned, I am still learning, you can't make everyone happy, but I do this for the girls and that is the most important part. 
Since I had this meeting I dropped Austin off at my moms for her to watch him for a few hours. After my meeting I ran to the store then came home and waited for it to be time to pick Ella up from school. We decided to hit up Target before Brian got home from work. I was looking for some new comfy yoga pants that flared at the bottom and we needed a new humidifier for our room. I had no luck with the pants, but did get a humidifier and more because who really goes into Target and sticks to their list.
After shopping we meet Brian at home, then headed to my parents house. We got the kids pizza for dinner and we had a local fish fry. It was a pretty relaxing evening. Unfortunately I started having pain from my pregnancy. So we ended our night short and went home and relax. 

Saturday was my nieces 7th birthday. They had planned a weekend away so we didn't have plans to see them until Sunday. Above is when we snuck Ella into the hospital to meet her cousin. Ella was only 5 1/2 months old. 

Unfortunately Claudia didn't have a good birthday. She ended up failing off a king size bed at the hotel they were staying at. She broke her collar bone. Today she has to go see a pediatric specialist. She may be in pain but she is still in good spirit. 

Saturday was a busy day. Brian left early to go to a listing appointment and a few showings. He dropped Austin off at his moms to watch him and go grocery shopping with her. Ella and I had her first cookie booth. We had a little time to spare in the morning so we got a little festive with some green nails. 

Our first cookie booth was at Levin Furniture. We were scheduled to be there for three hours. Most of the girls were only there an hour or two. Ella and my co-leaders daughter were there for the whole three hours since both dads were working. 

The girls all had fun, were pretty well behaved, and learned a lot. We made sure they were doing the math for purchasing the cookies, and giving the correct amount of change. 

Before we had left that morning I had a talk with Ella about behaving and I know that it was going to be a long day. She did amazing. I didn't even have to talk to her once during those three hours. For being so good I treated her to lunch at a sit down restaurant just her and me, which we hadn't done in forever. 

After our cookie booth and lunch we came home and rest for an hour before we were back out the door. 

We headed to Brian's work so he could print off papers that he needed for the next day. We were the only ones there and the kids thought they were cool sitting up on the high chairs. 

I ended up in a conference room with the kids that looked outside at the main road. They  watched the cars drive by while Brian finished up what he had to get done. 
We ended the night at Brian's parents house for his brother's birthday. Originally we were suppose to also have game night but after having a long day, Brian not feeling the greatest, both kids being wild, and I was uncomfortable we cut our night short to go home and have an early bedtime. By early I mean 9pm.

Sunday was another busy day for Brian. He was gone most of the day showing houses. Austin decided on his own that he wanted to use the potty. He actually did pretty good. Before nap time he had two accidents, but also went poop and pee on the potty. After nap time he no longer wanted anything to do with the potty. It is a start and I will take it. 

Austin and I made a special brownie dessert with a secret ingredient. (Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies crushed in)

Ella ended up spending the whole day with her dad. It was only suppose to be part of the day because she also was suppose to go to her cousin's birthday. Ella didn't get home until 7pm which was just in time to get take a shower and get ready for bed being a school night. She was upset that she didn't get to see her cousin. I did finally get her to calm down and go to bed. (but she woke up miss attitude this morning) The joys of co-parenting.

Overall we had a great weekend. Brian has another busy week ahead. I am hoping to relax some and that this baby starts being nice to me again. Hope you ha a great weekend and have a good week ahead.

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