What's Up Wednesday

Hey friends. Happy Wednesday. Can you believe it is already the end of March. When I saw this on my calendar I had to double look. At least we are starting to have some Spring weather in northern Ohio with today's high being in the 50s. 

It's time for another What's Up Wednesday. I'm linking up today with Shay, and  Sheaffer, talking about What's Been Up for the past month

~ What I Am Eating This Week ~

I have been doing better on meal planning this past month. This week is really a use what we have in the fridge, freezer, and pantry and just go buy the staples we run out of. 

Sunday- Sonic
Monday - Spaghetti Squash with ground turkey, red sauce, and pasta for the kids
Tuesday- Corn dogs and mac and cheese (I had leftover pancakes)
Wednesday- Orange Chicken
Thursday- Burgers and tator tots
Friday- Pizza/ Fish Fry
Saturday- Pork Tenderloin
Sunday- Leftovers

~ What I Am Reminiscing About ~

Last year the Easter Bunny did not go so well. We don't plan on going this year or doing any huge Easter egg hunts. 

~ What I Am Loving ~

I know I say this all the time but the love they have for each other just melts my heart. Austin is always asking Ella to play with him and she normally does. 

My little man is growing up and I am able to get out of the house with him and he behaves. I am still scared that something is going to happen or he is going to run off when and I won't be able to catch him but we have been going out more and more. Pregnancy anxiety and the scary real world is a real concern. 

~ What We've Been Up To ~

We celebrated Fat Tuesday with some Pazcki's. Also been enjoying lent and supporting our local churches for fish fry.

Ella and Austin have been helping out a lot in the kitchen. 

Any chance the kids get that is half way decent/warm out we are outside enjoying the weather. 

Austin had a play date and I had some much needed adult conversation. 

We had two successful Girl Scout cookie booths. 

~ What I Am Dreading ~

I am dreading Spring Break. Ella is going on vacation with her dad for 10 days. I miss when she is gone for so long, and I hate when she returns to get back to our routines and remove her new added attitude problems. 

~ What I Am Working On ~

I should be saying getting ready for baby to come i have so much I want to do before he/she arrives. I honestly haven't found the motivation to do it yet. I probably wait until the last minute and be rushed and stressed. 

We also have been dabbling with potty training Austin. I really just need to do it and get it over with. There is never going to be the perfect time. 

~ What I Am Watching ~

I haven't been watching much TV. I have been watching a few random Lifetime movies that I have DVR'd and I started watching Very Cavallari. 

~ What I Am Reading ~

I am slowly reading Oh Crap! Potty Training. I am a few chapters in and realizing I should have really pushed potty training a while ago but can't turn back time. 

~ What I Am Listening To ~

Part of the reason I haven't been watching much TV is because we have been having Pandora radio on the TV as background noise. Disney radio is normally what you can find us having dance parties to. 

I have gotten back into listening to podcasts again while driving in the car and while doing housework. I had stopped when I first got pregnant and got aggravated and nauseous real easily. Here are a few of my favorites currently:

~ What We Are Doing This Weekend ~

This weekend is my weekend to have Ella. One day is suppose to be warm and rain the other day cold and dry. We couldn't have nice days. Depending on the weather we may surprise the kids and do a Dinosaur walk that is at the local metro parks. Maybe a playdate will be in the works too. I know Austin is excited to spend time with his sissy.

~ What Am I Looking Forward To Next Month ~

Easter and Spring Cleaning. Yes I am weird but I really want to deep clean my house but need motivation. 

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  1. I love spaghetti squash! My husband and kids don't like it, so I rarely make it!
    Good luck with the potty training...I feel like I have been at it forever, and now I have a newborn in diapers again...haha!

  2. Oh I have quite a few photos of my boys with Santa, Mickey, etc... where at least one of them is crying. I always felt like I had to try though.

  3. I hated potty training! Thanks for the podcast recommendations!


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