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Hey friends. Happy Friday. Today is the start of our Spring Break. Ella leaves this morning to go on vacation with her dad for 10 days. Austin is going to be devastated. He asks everyday, numerous times a day if it is time to go pick her up from school so they can play. I am excited for a week of no alarm clock or schedules. Planning some Spring Cleaning and one on one time with Austin.

Time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Easter fun happened last weekend for us. You can read about it HERE

~ TWO ~

We ventured out of the house and hit up the mall. We haven't been to the mall since before Christmas. Brian had some gift cards that he got for his birthday to use and he was in need of some new work clothes. A trip to the mall wouldn't be complete without stopping at the Disney store. 

And a trip to the Disney store is never complete without getting pictures taken. 

Austin was real good at the Disney store (at JCP not so much). He showed up all the stuff he wanted but didn't throw a fit when we didn't buy anything he wanted. I did pick up two insulated water bottles with straws for the kids. 


Ohio weather has been crazy. One day it will be in the 60s or 70s then the next day back to to 30 or 40s. Compared to yesterday we had a 40 degree difference this morning. We have been enjoying the nice days any chance we can get. Austin even decided the one day was nice enough to "go swimming" in a puddle that was on the sand box lid. 

~ FOUR ~

Friend play dates are always the best. Really Heather is the best friend a girl, especially a pregnant girl could ask for. She found the Mickey Mouse ice cream bars at her grocery store. She bought me and box and brought them to me. That also meant we got some adult talking and the kids could play.

I made friends with miss moody Brianna who doesn't like change or leaving her house. I fed her lunch and we became BFFs. 

Brianna even cuddled me and gave me kisses.

The boys played together, destroyed the house (mostly Austin) and were pretty good, but I didn't get any picture of them. 

~ FIVE ~

Austin loves his sissy. They have been cuddling and playing a lot this past week. 

Some bedtime snuggled her last night before she goes on vacation.

~ SIX ~

New pregnancy craving. Root Beer Float. I craved root beer floats when I was pregnant with Ella also.

Hope you have a great weekend. I am also linking up with Whitney for High 5 for Friday

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