Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

Easter is right around the corner. Coloring eggs go hand in hand with Easter in our house. We are actually celebrating Easter a week early due to scheduling conflicts. We colored Easter Eggs with the kids this past week. 
I have tried boiling in water, baking in the oven, and now using the Instant Pot. The easiest to peel are from the Instant Pot. Hard boiled eggs are not just for Easter, they are also great on a salad, to make egg salad with, top off potato salad, deviled eggs, and so much more. 

Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

12 eggs
1 cup water
2 cups ice
water to cover ice

1- Place trivet in instant pot. Arrange eggs in single layer on trivet.
2- Add 1 cup of water
3- Cook on Manual high pressure for 5 minutes
4- Allow to slow release for 5 minutes, Then do quick steam release.
5- Carefully transfer eggs to bowl of ice water. Allow to cool until able to handle, about 5 minutes.
6- Peel eggs if you choose or store in fridge until ready to use.
7- Enjoy!!

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  1. I eat eggs/egg whites almost every day so thanks for this tip!


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