Tuesday Talk- Our Easter

Happy Tuesday. We are alive. Austin has been sick since last Friday. It made for some really rough sleeping nights, lots of time cuddling and napping together, and plans got changed and/or cancelled. He is finally feeling better today. 

I am linking up with Ashley and Erika and you blog about anything and everything. Today I am sharing with you all our first round of Easter. 

This year is Ella's year to be with her father for Spring Break and Easter. He has also decided to use this time as their vacation. For us that means we don't have Ella at all for Spring Break or Easter. I am a bit sad about this, but sometimes this is how shared parenting goes. 
Since we don't have Ella at all for Easter weekend we and I didn't want to wait to celebrate Easter until May with her we celebrated Early. 

Part of our family traditions for Easter is coloring eggs. Based on our schedule the only day last week we were able to color them was Tuesday. It worked out well with coloring eggs then bath time. 

Both kids had fun coloring their eggs. This year I only hard boiled a dozen eggs so they each got to do 6 which was plenty. 

Speaking of hard boiling eggs. If you have an Instant Pot you need to hard boil your eggs in there. It is so simple, quick, easy, and the easiest to peel eggs ever. Here is how. Here is how to Hard Boil Eggs in Instant Pot

On Sunday morning the original plan was to pick Ella up from her father's, as it was also his weekend, then go to my parents house for some family time and Easter dinner then swing by my in-laws for the kids to get Easter baskets there also. Plans changed quick when we woke up and Austin was running a fever, and sick as sick can be. He barely was awake most of the morning, very whiny and huggy. Instead I picked up Ella and came home to relax with Austin until Brian got done with work. After Brian got home we decided just Ella and I would got to my parents. 

Before we left to go to my parents house we let the kids downstairs to get their Easter Baskets. Plus we had gotten a new to us couch the day before that Ella hadn't seen yet. I don't know if she was more excited for the couch or her basket. 
This year we kept their Easter Baskets simple. Mostly bubbles which they have been asking for, some paint and little toys I know they will play with. Also a little candy. I knew the grandparents Easter bunny went a little crazy with candy this year and they don't eat it that often for it to go to waste. 

Sunday's weather was suppose to be raining all day and cold. After we had dinner the sun came out and I decided we needed to send the girls outside to take some cute pictures with them in their Easter dresses. 

These two are something else. They are 5 and a half months apart, but grew up for the first 4 years like sisters. They both have on the same black heels also. One walks better in them than the other. (That would be my daughter as my sister has no coordination to walk in heels)

We had opted out of an Easter egg hunt this year because the weather was suppose to suck and the girls were a little disappointed. 

As part of their Easter baskets my mom saw this cute idea on facebook or pinterest. She took peeps and string and "tied" down a new toy. 

I brought Austin's home for him to see. He was more excited for a new garbage truck than he was the peeps. Ella on the hand has been enjoying eating her peeps. 

The afternoon took a turn for the worse with tornado warnings hitting our area. Thankfully they had died down before they even got close to where we were and only got some rain. (On the other side of Cleveland they did get some bad tornado's) With all these storms going on my mother in law suggested we come over at a different time so we weren't driving around in Tornado warnings, which I greatly appreciate. I hate storms with a passion. I would have been in the basement hiding if my parents had a basement. 

It may have not been the perfect Easter I had imagined. We may have no all been together with a sicky at home, storms may have changed even more of our plans, but overall we had a good day. Now to change our plans again and do something this weekend for Easter. 

What are your Easter traditions?

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