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Happy Monday. Our fun weekend has come to an end. I have to say I was a single parent most of the weekend because Brian was crazy busy with work and my kids were pretty well behaved. Normally when they know that dad isn't going to be home they push their buttons. They played well together, went in the basement by themselves, and shared. However they refused to go grocery shopping with me and I wasn't up to fighting them or dealing with temper tantrums or a million "I want this". Grocery shopping will get done today.


Friday I woke up not feeling the greatest. I didn't have a good nights sleep and my allergies were starting to bother me. I bought my diffuser a while ago but don't use it as often as I thought I would. I decided to put it in the living room and see if it would help. I was pleased that it did help and the day got better. 

Such a hard life of a little boy. First he told me he wasn't going to take a nap. Then he put his Mickey Mouse in his spot and laid down in Dad's spot. Next thing I know he is asleep and half on the bed. 

After getting Ella from school and Brian home from work we decided to celebrate Cinco De Mayo a little early. We knew Sunday was already going to be a crazy day and I really wanted cheese dip. 

We went to a local Mexican restaurant. The kids loved the cheese and chips but had mac and cheese as their meals. 

This hit the spot of my cravings too. I ate about half of it. 

Brian got his workout in at home later that night by the kids hanging onto his legs. They were full of energy.


Brian was home for a few hours on Saturday morning. We had originally planned to go get coffee, donuts, and go to the park but it was raining out. We still got a sweet coffee and donuts. Since being unable to do the 3 hour glucose test I have been testing my sugar 4x a day. My reading have not been anywhere close to being considered diabetic. I wanted to test my limits with added sugar. Which still didn't spike my sugar reading. 

Brian left for the evening for work and it was just the kids and I. The kids wanted to watch tv and play downstairs, which they never want to do alone so I let them. There was some arguing and a battle wound above Austin's eye but no one can tell me what happened. He is perfectly ok though. There were no tears and he didn't realize he was bleeding until I said something.

Austin took a late nap and Ella decided she wanted to cuddle with me on the couch. We watch the new version of Kim Possible that I had DVR"D for her a few weeks before. She liked it and it brings back old memories for me of watching the original. 
After naptime we had dinner, some play time, took baths and off to bed. I let Ella watch a whole movie in her room, which never happens she usually only gets 20-30 minutes with her sleep timer, she was so excited to say the least. The night ended up being good with just the kids and I. 


Sunday I turned 28 weeks pregnant. That also means the start of my third trimester. This was a huge reality we need to really start preparing for this baby. 

Sunday was just me and the kids for most of the again. It was a gorgeous day and we needed to get out of the house with some surprises for the kids. First stop was Dunkin to get me an iced coffee, I needed it since I didn't have coffee that morning. I also got the kids some munchkins to share. 

Their surprise was a local Dinosaur exhibit that is going on for a few months at the Lorain County Metro Parks. It was $2 a person for anyone over 42 inches (Austin was free). It was pretty small but the kids still had fun and that's all that matters. 

Most of the exhibit was inside with some statues and wood carvings of different dinosaurs. 

I love Ella's scared face that she was getting eaten.

One of the activities for the kids was a dinosaur dig. They both had fun digging in the rocks/cat litter to find the buried dinosaurs. 

There was a cute little dress up area with tails, masks, and wings. 

Plus a little area that had a bunch of different puzzles. 

We were at the Dinosaur exhibit for about an hour. My original plan was to then take the kids grocery shopping with me. They both were very verbal that they didn't want to go. I wasn't in the mood to fight, deal with temper tantrums, hear "I want this" a million times, or spending way more money than what we needed to on garbage food. Instead I decided on another surprise. 

Off to the playground we went. I love this little park we found. It is off a main road, only had one entrance/exit, there's sun and share, and Austin can do everything by himself but the monkey bars. 

Ella also loves this playground. She can do both sets of monkey bars by herself this year and loves the numerous slides. We played for a good hour. 

Then it was off home to make dinner. Plans had changed and we were going to be home. I decided to make simple tacos for Cinco De Mayo, you can never have tacos to often. After dinner we headed to my in-laws for the kids to finally get their Easter baskets. By the time all was said and done we got back home around 8 and it was time for bed. I ended the night with face mask Sunday and a relaxing bath. 

Weekly Menu:
Monday- Perfect Shredded BBQ Chicken
Tuesday- Leftover
Wednesday- Burgers
Thursday- Pasta
Friday- Pizza
Saturday- Out
Sunday- Mother's Day

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  1. That dinosaur exhibit looks like a lot of fun. I remember so many weeks holding down the fort alone while my husband was at work and trying to make ANYHTING and Everything I could from the pantry or freezer just so I wouldn't have to drag them all to the store with me. I love that my boys are now old enough to stay home alone for that type of errand (of course just in the past few weeks we've gotten grocery pick-up available at a few of our local stores...)


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