Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Tuesday. We had a great family fun filled holiday weekend. Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kick off of summer, even though we still have school into June. We all start getting antsy for no more alarm clocks, no school, and lots of summer fun. We had a surprise Mother/Daughter date, family cookout, saw a parade and more...

~ Friday

Friday started off as a rough day. I didn't sleep well the night before: tossing, turning and pregnancy insomnia. Then Austin decided he wanted Friday to be a no nap day. I decided to leave early for picking up Ella, half way in hopes for Austin to fall asleep in the car and to try the new mango dragonfruit drink from Starbucks. OMG it was so good, but a lot more sugar that I normally have. 

Ella came home from school did her homework, then we were outside playing. Brian had been invited to hang out with a friend. Instead of going out they came to the house for a few hours. We started a fire and had a surprise for the kids. 

Smore's !!!!!!! 

Ella made the first round but was to afraid to get to close. 

Austin preferred to just eat the marshmallow uncooked and tried stealing all the chocolate. 

Austin ended up making a round of smores' also with his daddy's help. One of them wasn't paying attention and ended up with burnt marshmallows. I was the only one that would eat them. I couldn't let them go to waste. 

After smores' and playing outside some more it was time for bed. Ella asked if she could read me a Pete The Cat 5 minute bedtime story. Then she got 30 minutes on her TV to watch a movie and fall asleep. Her movie choice was Trolls. 

Brian and his friend ended up going out to the bar so Austin and I headed to cuddle in bed and read. He lasted 5 minutes before he was asleep. He was a trooper for all the fun he had with no nap. I am not a fan of him growing out of this nap stage. Especially since I am still loving daily naps while pregnant. 

~ Saturday

Saturday started off as another rough day. Austin ended up in my bed and kicking me out. I ended up on the couch at 4 am. After laying there playing on my phone for an hour I decided to really try to fall asleep again. It took a good 45 minutes before I fell asleep. 

I woke up to my little monster decided he wanted to come cuddle with me. Only if he would cuddle in the middle of the night instead of steal my pillows and sleeping sideways.

Saturday was our mother daughter day with an added bonus of a play date kinda. Ella overheard me talking on the phone and saw me packing up with purse with snacks and water so she had a little hint for some of the day.

First up with a lunch surprise play date. We meet at McDonald's for lunch and the girls got to chat about what they thought we were doing. No one was 100% right. Our girls play date consisted on my sister and her daughter, my best friend and her daughter, and Ella and me.

Second stop the movies. We saw the new live action Aladdin. OMG without giving spoilers it was amazing. I was hesitant at first. I wasn't sure I was going to like it, no one can EVER replace Robin Williams. But I loved the movie. Will Smith did awesome. The little bit different story line was great (but still went with the original) I have to admit I liked the live action better than the original cartoon. 

Also yes I cried. You can blame it on the pregnancy hormones but there were tears at one point. 

When we reserved our seats for the movie, we did it like 2 weeks out. We wanted to go this weekend, during the day, and get the best option. I picked this AMC theater that has reclining lazy boy seats. It was the best decision ever. The kids sat comfortably and I was also comfortable and didn't have to get up and go pee at all before the movie. (I went twice before and then after)

Since we were already on the other side of town we stopped at one of the groceries I like, but only buy certain things when they are on sale there. They have grass fed beef patties 10/$10 that we get a lot, especially with it being grilling season. 

After a little grocery shopping I suckered the girls into carrying a heavy box of books I needed to donate. While we were there each girl also got to pick out a book. Then we headed to the mall. I needed my eyebrows done, and the Disney store had their semi annual sale going on. Ella and Austin got some new sandals. We walked around the mall some then storms started to roll in. We live only 2 minutes away from the mall but my sister lives 30. We ended up calling it a day. 

The storms ended up not being horrible and since it was so hot and humid out everything dried up quick. Ella and Austin enjoyed the evening playing outside. Ella even brought out her sit upon she made in Girl Scouts and started pulling weeds. 

Austin ended up helping some too. They missed a lot but it was the thought that counts. Plus there was no bribery from me to get them to pull weeds they did it themselves. 

~ Sunday

Sunday morning I put in our schedule family walk and donuts. If I don't schedule it, it won't happen. Between Brian scheduling appointments for work and me having good days and back days our family walks in the morning (or period) haven't been happening. When I was pregnant with Austin we took a lot of walks around different parks just to stay active and get out of the house. 

Sunday morning started off wet and raining. We found a covered pavilion to use eat our donuts at then it stopped raining. It turned out to be a perfect morning.

On our walk we saw a deer (hard to see in the picture, in the middle above the tree laying down)

A bunch of geese but only one baby. 

I found Ella a toad. She wanted to take him home with us. She is so my daughter. We did not take him home I made her put him back on the ground. 

After our family walk and donuts we went home for me to relax. I knew we had a long day ahead of us with family festivities and I don't want to over due it. Brian and the kids played Head's Up Disney edition, went to Home Depot and did some yard work while I took a nap and rested. 

The rest of Sunday turned out to be a wash. It rained the whole day. Luckily we had plan b for our picnic using tents and the garage at my in-laws. Ella was great at supervising and giving directions. 

All the other ladies at the party were having wine in plastic wine glasses. Ella wanted one too. She felt like a grown up with her sour apple Gatorade in her wine glass. I tried her Gatorade, I always go for blue, it was gross. It was so sweet and reminded me of those candy suckers that are apple and caramel. But Ella loved it and that's all that mattered. 

Our tradition for Memorial Day is always ribs. Normally we make the kids some hot dogs. For whatever reason we didn't make the kids hot dogs. Ella said she wanted to eat ribs and helped herself. She at all 4 of the ribs and everything on her plate with very little help. I am so proud of her and liking meat compared to Austin who is still being very picky.

Both kids had fun even though it was raining. They both ended up playing in the rain that was dripping off the tents, even drinking in it. 

Austin had another day of no napping but feel asleep on the way home in the van. Ella decided she wanted to have a sleep over in the living room and fall asleep watching TV.

~ Monday

On Memorial Day Brian took us to a nearby cities parade. We packed a bag with snacks, drinks, and towels to sit on. 

We parked at the park where the ceremony was going to be held after the parade. We had time to spare so we walked around and found some swings. The park is under construction so there wasn't much for the kids to do. 

Austin being my handsome man and had to be like dad and wear a hat and sunglasses. 

Isn't he cute. 

After playing for a little bit we made our way to the parade route. We found an empty spot in the grass, laid out our towels and waited for it to start. A man walked around and gave all the little kids flags, which made them so happy. Austin did awesome with staying behind yellow line, and waving, but was also shy.

The kids got a bunch of candy and had fun. Ella's favorite part was the band. Austin loved all the fire trucks, there was about 10 trucks. 

After the parade we walked over to the actual ceremony. Aubriella found her best friend from preschool who she is begging to have another play date with. Even though the kids were board at the ceremony they were still very well behaved.

After the ceremony we headed to get a little grocery shopping done. This was probably the first time Austin had done so much walking without being carried or in the stroller. He took a 5 minute power nap before we got to the store. 

First grocery store was Fresh Thyme. They both love these "shopper in training carts" I hate them. All four wheels can go every direction. When they kids are pushing them they don't go straight and are all over the place. 

Next stop was Aldi's for the majority of our shopping. We stopped at a local green house on the way home. When we got home I put groceries away then got some rest after such a busy morning. 

Before dinner we took the kids to a new park. The kids loved it. So much fun stuff to do. Unfortunately there were some kids not behaving. One boy got kicked by Ella because he was climbing up a spiral slide when she went down it. 

Austin loved it and has no fear. 

Ella also had a blast and wants one of these spinney things at home. 

After the park we came home and grilled chicken. The kids played outside while Brian did some more yard work, I swear it is never ending for him. We had ice cream for dessert than it was bedtime for the kids and time for me to watch the Bachelorette. 

Overall we had a wonderful family fun filled holiday weekend. Austin had some temper tantrums, there was lots of rain, but that didn't put a damper on us having fun. Hope you had a great weekend also.

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