June is HERE!!!!! Mother nature still is confused on what month it is. We have been getting a lot of rain at the end of May and temperatures are all over the place. We have had a few days in the 80s but mostly in the 60s. I admit I am not complaining since our a/c isn't scheduled to be installed until later this month and I don't deal well with heat and being 8 months pregnant. 
My only complaint is with all the rain and colder temps we never switched Ella to back to being a walker instead of a car rider. The walking probably would have done me good, but it seems like if it is going to rain, it is going to rain at the time of school pick up. We will just have to start doing family walks every day once school is over. Oh yes and our school isn't over until Wednesday. Ella is counting down the days. 

Recipe Round-Up 

Last month I tried a bunch of new recipes. I haven't shared them all yet. I had banana's that needed used up and getting back into a healthier dinner routine. Here are the three recipes I shared this month: 

Look Back At May

  • Start planning/packing hospital bag (yes I know I am only 27 weeks but it is going to fly) We have spent this past weekend getting a lot done around the house for baby's arrival. 
  • Plan Austin's birthday He is going to have just a small family party this year. Unfortunately with me due around the same time and family having so much going on this summer he isn't having a big party, which I'm also ok with. 
  • Start Garden We have decided not to plant a garden this year. Brian did put some herbs in a pot and I may get some tomatoes or something for a pot 
  • Read 3 books Only 2, more on why when I do my monthly book review
  • Figure out bedroom arrangements I need a red and green option. We have discussed how we are going to do the rooms, who is sharing, where dressers are going, what we are doing with toys, etc. but talking is as far as it has gone. We need to get bunk beds before we can start switching things up.
  • Go through baby clothes and start washing them All boxes of clothes from 3 kids (my nieces clothes also) from newborn to 3T have been separated. I have started going through what I want to keep, sell, and donate. 
  • Take Austin to the Zoo
  • Plan a surprise for Ella
  • Date night with Brian

Goals for June

  • Finish getting ready for baby arrival
  • Switch kids new rooms
  • Mark items off Summer Bucket List
  • Take both kids to the zoo
  • Read 2 books
  • Join Summer Reading program
  • Have a play date
  • Spend lots of time outside
  • Go for a family walk
  • Start family movie nights and game nights

What are your goals for June?

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  1. I love easy dinners, the sheet pan one fits into that category for sure!

  2. i've never had monkey bread before, looks very interesting!


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