Audrianna 6-7 weeks

Happy 7 weeks today princess. I won't wake a sleeping baby to take a picture, I know better. At 6 weeks you thought you were a super hero though. Today you are going through a "leap" which is making you awake a lot more and very huggy. 

You love your tummy time and normally dont complain. However you have the habit of falling asleep on your belly. Don't worry I am always within arms reach and I roll you back over. 

Aubriella loves her Audrianna and vice verse. She is my little mommy. Don't worry Ella wasn't really sleeping. 

Big brother Austin is going to be your protector and be the first one to beat you up too. He will come get mommy anytime you are crying.

We are still going strong on exclusively breastfeeding. There have been struggles, tears, frustration, and exhaustion. It is hard, no one ever said it was going to be easy. The bigger you get it is getting a little easier, we can occasionally now lay down and feed. But by no means is it easy. This is a full time job itself and it is hard. I may not always have the support but I am still pushing through. 

Audrianna is:
- 8lbs 1oz
- 22 1/2 inches long
- starting to grow out of newborn clothes
- wearing newborn diapers (but not much longer) 
- gaining lots of head/neck support

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