August is here. Summer is almost over. Where has the time gone? Having a complicated stressful pregnancy, then having a newborn, and complications from my labor really makes summer fly by. I am ready to get back to some sort of schedule for myself and my kids. 

A few months ago Emily over at A Little Bit of Emily shared that she was not only doing her normal month goals of things she wants to get done but also adding in additional goals to help form better habits. I love this idea. Now that I am getting on a different schedule with a new baby, and no excuse "Oh I will do that, or start that after the baby" What better time to start healthy habits than NOW!!!  I know that it takes 21 days to form a habit, but most of the time that habit stops there without the additional accountability, (the reason why so many people don't succeed at their goals) Now time to start healthy habits and keep myself accountable. 

August Goals:

  • Read 1 Book
  • Have 1 Play Date
  • Go For 1 Family Walk A Week 
  • Have Family Movie Night
  • Date Night with Brian
  • Mother/Daughter Date
  • Restart 2B Mindset
  • Girl Scout Brownie Training
  • Sell Maternity Clothes


  • Drink 100 oz of water a day (good for me and help with breast milk supply)
  • Wash my face every night 
  • End the night with no dirty dishes in the sink
  • Dinner Menu Plan
  • Take 10 minutes for myself 

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