Back to School

The time has come for Ella to go back to school already. This summer really flew by with lots of excitement but not a lot of memories shared. I had so much I wanted to do but a rough pregnancy and postpartum put a damper on a lot of our plans, but we still had a great summer.
Ella wasn't completely ready but yesterday was the first day back to school. She was excited to go but isn't a big fan of school. She was nervous she wouldn't have any friends in her class, the mean kids would be in her class again, that her teacher wouldn't be nice, that she wouldn't find her class room, etc. All the worries that kids have. I reassured her that everything would be fine. 

~ New Routine ~

Getting back to a routine is always rough. I would love to say we started going to bed earlier and waking up earlier to prepare for back to school, but we didn't. The night before school I picked up Ella from her father's at 6pm. We went home and started preparing for school. Haircut, picking out clothes to wear, shower, packed lunch, made part of breakfast, bedtime story, and what seemed like so much more. This year we are trying a new routine that has Ella being a lot more responsible for herself and her stuff, instead of me doing everything for her, I am just making sure everything gets done. Hopefully it goes well, if it does I will share in a few weeks what we are doing. 

~ Breakfast ~

Back to school breakfast tradition is sprinkle pancakes and sausage. This year Ella wanted overnight oats, banana chocolate chip sprinkle pancakes, and bacon. So that is what we made. She ate two bites of her pancake, 1/2 a piece a bacon, and a few bites of her oatmeal. Her nerves gave her a belly ache and she didn't want to eat. 

~ Tradition Photos ~

~ Lunch ~

Ella packed her own lunch the night before. In the fridge is a container with cold foods for her lunches, and on top is a basket for other snacks that are also just for school lunch. She made herself a butter and jelly sandwich, then took a string cheese, smoothie yogurt, Neapolitan oreos, and crackers. Lunch is a half an hour, she ate a good portion of it. 

Ella is also so excited she has two different mermaid lunch boxes this year that she can go back and forth between the lunch boxes. 

~ Interview ~

I am 7 years old.
I am 49 inches tall.
I wear a size 1 shoe.

color: blue
Breakfast: overnight oats
Lunch: nutella bagel
Dinner: homemade mac and cheese
Snack: string cheese
Book: Jojo 
Movie: Descendents 3
TV Show: h20 Mermaids
Toy: Lego's
Activity: crafts
Thing I Did This Summer: Swim

When I Grow Up I Want To Be: a mechanic
I'm Really Good At: Math
I Want to Get Better At: Art
This Year I Want to Learn About: Frogs
I'm Excited For This School Year Because: Fun Activities 

~ Morning ~

Ella didn't give me to hard of a time getting up at 730. She was asleep before 930 and got plenty of much needed sleep. She got up and just chilled in the living room until breakfast was done. Instead of having cartoons on the TV we play Pandora music. This has helped with less stress and the kids not focusing on the TV instead of eating or getting ready. The bacon ended up taking longer than normal to bake so she started getting ready. The night before I braided her hair so she would have curls. The morning ran pretty smooth and we were all out the door to walk to school. (yes all 5 of us). 

~ After School ~

Ella came home in a good mood. She said her teacher was so nice she didnt even have to yell at anyone. (it is only the first day) She has a few friends in her class and this year they have desks instead of tables. She had a great day. 
The evening took a turn for the worse with her attitude though. She became bossy, was mouthy and hitting her brother by the end of the night. You could tell that she was overtired, even though she had gotten plenty of sleep. She needed an early bedtime but fought that and had every excuse in the book why she had gotten out of bed again. 

Hopefully day two will be just as good at school and she will have a better attitude at home. 

When do you kids start school? What grade are they in?

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