Friday Favorites

Hey Friends. Happy Friday. Our first week of school is about over, then a 3 day weekend. This week has gone well for Ella. She loves her teacher and has friends in her class. This weekend we have fun family time and cookouts. Ella also wants a movie night to watch the Wizard of Oz, to get ice cream, and to go to the mall. We will see how much fun we can squeeze in.

Time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Aubriella is back in school. Her week has been a success. You can read more about it Back to School

~ TWO ~

Yes I am that basic girl. I love me some Pumpkin Spice. I am really loving the new Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew or even Pumpkin Cream Iced Coffee, our Starbucks ran out of cold brew coffee. I have had it 3 times already this week. 


The weather has been gorgeous all but one afternoon that we have been walking to and from school each day. Austin has stayed home with dad a few of the afternoon since he was napping. I am so proud of him doing the one mile round trip with no problem or complaints. The second half of the walk just ends up being a little slower. 

~ FOUR ~

This is one of my favorite ways to cuddle - Cheek to cheek. Audrianna has scooted herself up to my cheek to cuddle with me a few times this week and has fall asleep this way each time. (No I am not really sleeping)

~ FIVE ~

Did you celebrate National Red Wine Day on Wednesday? I did with my first glass of wine since Thanksgivings. 

~ SIX ~

Mommy's little touchdown baby that daddy put in her Brown's onsie. We were suppose to go to the preseason game with Brian but she wasn't feeling very well and got sick a lot that day so we opted to stay home, which turned out to be a good thing. My princess is also 7 weeks old already. You can read here milestones HERE

Do you have any fun plans for this holiday weekend?

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